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Make Break throughs by Transforming Lives.

With the 'New Normal' it is critical for Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and industry experts to go on a digital platform which resonates with their values and the rich Gurukul culture. Gurukol is where you enhance the lives of seekers, lead them towards their higher purpose, foster success and professional growth.

Team Gurukol enables you at every step, from onboarding, creating your courses, promoting you and empowering you in your journey to coach and touch lives.

Make Break throughs by Transforming Lives

Who can be a Guru?

Any professional Coach/Speaker/Trainer across any training field can impart his course, training and certifications.

Gurukol has various Coaches covering areas like:

  • Business Coaching
  • Tai-Chi Experts
  • Agile Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Healthcare Coaches
  • NLP Coach
  • Professionals/ Career Coaches
  • Yoga Guru’s
  • Technology Coach
  • Other coaches who train or provide exclusive certifications

“Gurukol is a platform for those who aspire to teach. If you are a coach, expert, trainer, mentor, guide or speaker, you can join us and build your own community!”

Reasons to join Gurukol

Exclusive place by invitation Icon

Exclusive place by invitation

Course creation in preferred format icon

Course creation in preferred format

LMS (Learning Management System) where students can learn icon

Online Learning Platform where students can learn

Social Media Management of you and your company profile icon

Social Media Management of you and your company profile

Running Digital Marketing campaigns for your courses icon

Running Digital Marketing campaigns for your courses

B2B sales as per your target market icon

B2B sales as per your target market

Plan your success with Team Gurukol

  • Course Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Growth
  • Enablement

Course Creation Support

Your expertise, our technical support

Design your course/coaching program according to your field of expertise. Also add on various assignments and study material helpful for your students.

How do we help you?

Gurukol will assist you to convert and display your course in various accessible formats with a simple procedure. We also help you convert your course into different languages.

Course Creation Support

Digital Marketing Support

You train, we promote

Promote your program and connect with more learners. Avail the opportunity to grow your online coaching niche.

How do we help you?

Get digital campaigns, ads and social media profile management support exclusively by our digital marketing team. We offer complete end-to-end promotional support.

Digital Marketing Support

Business Growth Support

You earn, we support

Reach out to more learners with our business development strategies. We help you earn revenue as you coach professionals/students through our platform.

How do we help you?

Gurukol is here to help you with every obstacle you face. We are here to offer you strategies and other services to make your programs intriguing.

Business Growth Support

Enablement Support

One platform, Many Opportunities

As a Guru, you can reach more learners, conduct online and offline classes, and teach seekers to excel with your expertise.

How do we help you?

We help you expand your horizon, teach beyond boundaries and make a difference as a Guru.

Enablement Support

Enabling Guru’s Thrive

Coaches have pain point for expanding business, Gurukol is giving them a platform to reach more knowledge Seekers.

We’re always here for you!

Our marketing support team is available for you. Our focus is to maintain a seamless flow in learning where the learners can depend on the Gurus and the Gurus can depend on us!

  • Course Building Support
  • Easy course updating process
  • Digital Marketing support
  • Social Media Management of your social Pages
  • Admin panelto manage course and track earnings
  • Multiple language course conversion
  • Easy Transfer of funds to your bank
  • Make your course once and reap long term benefits
  • Promotion of your courses to help you get more business
  • Reaching more students not just in your city, but globally
  • Mobile App
  • And of course, a supportive team!

Everything you need to succeed
as a Guru is here!

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