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The backbone of any online portal is its customer service and support. Customer service is a broad term where assistance is given to customers on various issues like purchasing, troubleshooting, installation, and even disposal of products or services. The main reason for setting up customer service is to educate consumers on how any particular product is beneficial. 

However, customer support goes beyond just the sale of the item; it focuses more on the customer’s selection, use, and satisfaction with their product. Support aspects often include product selection, installation, and handling of any problems that may come up later. It is designed to ask why you want to return the item, ask if they can do something to fix the problem, and then accept the return if you can do nothing else. 

It might look easy, but the challenges are real for any customer support person to manage these day to day problems. There is always pressure to deliver better customer support, and with that comes more challenges all the time. It’s important to anticipate the challenges your company can face in this new age and be ready to face any problems. 

  1. Customer Challenges: Consumer satisfaction is always the top priority of any company. Daily, employees face issues like rude, demanding, and argumentative customers. The customer support person has to deal with consumers with calm nature and present a new perspective on your product or service. With new forms of customer support, such as webchats, mobile apps, and email tickets, customers can become more frustrated if they aren’t sure how to use them. Employees should be skilled in all media of customer support to assist customers through different agents of support. Employees should be prepared for any number of questions and inquiries from customers and anticipate ways to help and offer support. 
  1. Company Crisis: Every company has its own set of responsibilities and work culture. Employee retention, customer dissatisfaction, security breaches, and power outrage are some of the challenges. Every company should opt for a crisis communication plan that outlines what employees should do in different situations and how they can alleviate customer panic. The plan should also include alternate means of communication if certain methods crash, ensuring that communication flow doesn’t stop. 
  1. Long ticket backlogs: Once the product is live, the counter of tickets for purchase initially can be overwhelming for teams. It comes with more tickets for installation, guidance, and service calls. Typically, customers expect a response back within 24 hours, so it is important that they at least feel acknowledged and heard. They expect the team to call and update the portal on what steps will be taken for their product satisfaction.  

There is a team role that is responsible for these challenges and manages the customer support team daily. Gurukol has launched the program for this role. Learn from the experts directly on how to manage these problems like a pro. 


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