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Lunch and learn new things are more than social activities. It is tough to manage audience attention at Lunchtime. Hence the importance of content and time duration to explain that is important.  

The success of any such lunch and learning meeting depends on the preparation work and topic. These meetings are generally used to convey important information, which is why you cannot underestimate the importance of the content. Planning requires more than one time and date. You must find the right location and set everything up ahead of time. It will prevent surprises and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

The location needs to be comforting for employees. Also should be equally accessible for each team member present there. Venues like :  

• Meeting rooms  

• Restaurants  

• Hotel conference rooms  

• Public venues  

These venues give personal and professional space to employees. The computer, speaker installation, how the training module is distributed? Ask these questions to determine what you need to set up.  

• Will you cater to the event? How much time does the caterer need?  

• Are there accessible outlets?  

• What decoration/banners are you using?  

• Are there enough garbage cans?  

• Who will be responsible for cleaning up?  

Once you have answers to these questions, you will make all the necessary preparations and set up space appropriately.  

Lunch and learns are typically relaxed atmospheres, which is why they are effective. Although they are relaxed, it is important not to become so relaxed that you forget to practice for the event. Lunch and learning are not long. It would be best if you had to time everything. Be sure to time the presentation, including any presentation materials.  

These sessions need to be more interactive from your end. Always welcome people who are willing to ask questions. Never force people to leave their seats and respond to your every query. It could irritate the employee’s mindset. People are involved in your speech and focusing on what you are saying. They are attentive to what they have to learn new things today.  

The best way is to keep this training as informal training or workshops. The benefit of these informal ones is that employees will be more comfortable and interested in their interests. A successful Lunch and learn a new things session could start a trend for all teams, which will help the organization be more productive even at Lunchtime.  

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