Our Vision

“Gurukol’s vision is to create a best in class global marketplace of Gurus and Seekers / Learners of knowledge. We strive to bring the best value products and information, which enables to enhance the quality of our life.”

Tradition, Knowledge & Teacher (Guru)

Tradition, Knowledge & Teacher (Guru)

– The three pillars of Gurukol

Gurukul systems have a vibrant significance in history and in enhancing the quality of human life. ‘The Modern Gurukol’ is the same age-old concept which is amalgamated with digital systems to facilitate the creation of engaging learning environments. Gurukul was actually the home of teacher or Acharya and was the centre of learning where pupils resided till their education completed. Stemming from the same idea is Gurukol, a platform for global coaches, speakers, trainers and seekers of knowledge.

“Guru is the enabler of knowledge and empowerment. Gurukol is their means.”

Gurukol is the future of education

This is not just an online marketplace; Gurukol is where the best Gurus are. This is an exclusive platform of Coaches, Speakers and Trainers across the world. Gurukol is accepting Coaches covering areas like Business Coaching, Life Coach, NLP Coach, along with Yoga Guru’s, Tai-Chi Experts etc.

This is a platform with self-paced learning courses on unique subjects which adds new skills; improves inner-self; increases confidence and empowers seekers to enhance life.

Join Gurukol as a Guru

Our Mission

In contemporary times, humanity has seen unparalleled stress and distress unseen in history. Community of Coaches and Learned Intellectuals understand pain of people and society at large. Society needs technology platform to empower and enable these Coaches, Speakers and Trainers to solve the problems of humanity by giving highest quality Coaching and Training to these individual Seekers, small businesses and corporates in distress -

“Gurukol is on a mission to provide technology platform and bring together community of Coaches and Seekers of knowledge; to relive pain, reduce distress due to economic or personal challenges and enhance quality of life”

Our Goals

We are building community of coaches in every location and publishing their courses on Gurukol.

Reach out to distressed community

Reach out to distressed community and develop individuals and students to become Seekers and Learners for life.


Seekers are mentored by Guru to follow learning path of growth by self-improvement and professional skills development leading to financial independence and enhancing Life.


To achieve above, we are inviting and onboarding Coaches and Speakers of reputation and willingness to focus on what they do the best – “Coaching". Team Gurukol will maintain and manage all technology, marketing and sales.

What do
Gurus get on Gurukol

We invite coaches to join us and impart lessons. Team Gurukol supports you to develop, upload your courses, teach, earn and inspire.

  • Helping you to create courses in any format you prefer
  • Online Learning Platform where students can learn your courses
  • Social Media Management of you and your company profile
  • Running Digital Marketing campaigns for your courses
  • B2B sales as per your target market
What do Gurus get on Gurukol

Premium and professional courses for students

Gurukol offers the access to premium courses and professional knowledge. We are the future of online learning and we aim to provide every individual a perfect overview of their career. Our vision is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every student.

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Most Premium and
Professional Courses

Gurukol gives you the freedom to access your courses at flexible timing with utmost convenience.

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Explore endless

We provide a variety of courses offered by Gurus to help you decide the best fit for your life and career.

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Sustain a balanced

Online classes enable you to manage your work and lifestyle balance, along with upskilling at your pace.

A legacy of building coaches

Gurukol is creating a ripple effect to make a difference in the world. We have the best coaches who train students/professionals, who in turn become eminent coaches and carry on our legacy. Join our journey.