2025 Look Into Future - Managing Knowledge

In today's Knowledge society, this course will give students the tools that they'll have to begin implementing the knowledge management process in their day-to-day life.

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What will i learn?
  • Understand the basic concept of knowledge management (KM)
  • Identify the do’s and don’ts of KM
  • Identify the KM live cycle
  • Identify the new KM paradigm
  • Identify the KM models
  • Understand how to build a KM rational for your company
  • Understand how to customize KM definitions
  • Identify the steps to implementing KM in your organization
  • Identify tips for success
  • Understand the advance topics in KM

  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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The Encarta Dictionary defines knowledge management because of intellectual resources and data systems within a business environment. Sounds pretty simple, right? Take a flash, though, and consider all the data that every person has in their brain. That's lots of knowledge!

The course will give students the tools that they'll have to begin implementing knowledge management in your organization, irrespective of the scale of the corporate or the budget. Wherever humans are working together for one goal, there's knowledge to be harvested, stored, and dispensed pro re nata.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Every one who wants to enhance deep understanding of subject
  • Expand their skills
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
54 Lessons 01:04:20 Hours
3 Lessons 00:01:19 Hours
  • Introduction Part 1 00:00:35
  • Introduction Part 2 00:00:00
  • Objectives of Workshop 00:00:44
  • What is Knowledge Management ? 00:01:16
  • Defining - Knowledge 00:01:32
  • Understanding - Knowledge Management 00:00:50
  • Gist of the History 00:01:30
  • Applications and Implementation 00:01:08
  • What are the Dos and Dont's ? 00:00:29
  • Understanding Data_Information_and_Knowledge 00:01:41
  • What is The Tacit Mode ? 00:00:50
  • What is The Explicit Mode ? 00:01:07
  • Conversion Categories 00:01:23
  • Understanding - The Knowledge Management Life Cycle 00:00:31
  • Understanding Episodes 00:01:22
  • Understanding - Attainment 00:01:38
  • Understanding - Knowledge 00:01:19
  • Understanding - Integration 00:01:15
  • Understanding -The New Knowledge Management Paradigm 00:00:42
  • Understanding - Concepts of the Past 00:01:02
  • The New Concept 00:01:18
  • Implications and Applications 00:01:35
  • Understanding - The Knowledge Management Endgame 00:01:18
  • Knowledge Management Paradigm 00:00:44
  • What is the Nonaka and Takeuchi Model SECI ? 00:01:41
  • What is the Wiig Model ? 00:01:17
  • What is the Kakabadse Model ? 00:01:11
  • What is the Boisot Model ? 00:01:27
  • Creating a Knowledge Management Rationale 00:00:36
  • What makes the Rationale Necessary ? 00:01:13
  • Creating a Business Case 00:02:08
  • Looking for Success Stories 00:00:47
  • Understanding - The Commoditization Customization Model 00:01:42
  • Components of a Knowledge Management Explanations 00:02:29
  • How to Customize the Components ? 00:02:07
  • How to create a KMBOK 00:01:34
  • Applying Knowledge Management in Your Company 00:00:39
  • Getting Support 00:01:55
  • Finding Opportunities for Revenue Streams 00:02:13
  • Important Knowledge Management Skills 00:01:55
  • A Model for Success 00:01:42
  • NoBudget Situation 00:01:19
  • Points for Success 00:00:17
  • Who is the Chief Knowledge Officer ? 00:01:51
  • Knowledge Management Skill Checklist 00:00:40
  • Understanding - Knowledge Management Imperative 00:01:05
  • What is The Hype Curve ? 00:01:10
  • Hurdles and Influencers to Success 00:01:22
  • Some Advance Topics 00:00:23
  • Understanding the Knowledge Management Maturity Model 00:00:57
  • Explaining - Assimilative Capacity 00:00:58
  • Explaining - Rustiness 00:00:43
  • Explaining - Process Model Types 00:00:49
  • Conclusion 00:00:21
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  • Alma Guadalupe
    Alma Guadalupe
    By this i can find the reason to grrom myself in terms of performance..Kudos to the team!!!!!
  • Myriam Coanon
    Myriam Coanon
  • Goh Bee
    Goh Bee
    Enjoyed the course - Especially the giving/receiving feedback section.
  • Trevor Doyle
    Trevor Doyle
    very good
  • Benjamin Lim
    Benjamin Lim
    I am happy to take this course as it provide me very useful information and you explained the course really well.
  • Treasure Coleman
    Treasure Coleman
    The course was great. I really liked the content and the way it was delivered.
  • Susan Dicandilo
    Susan Dicandilo
    It was good. Some of its principles and ideas I've been applying already. Thank you.
  • Anthea Lim
    Anthea Lim
    Fantastic course. Lots of useful information. Potentially life-changing.
  • David Hp
    David Hp
    The course is excellent. I personally feel that it is too short. If we have more examples discussed, then it will help us in developing the perspective, skill better.
  • Mmg Corporation
    Mmg Corporation
    Amazing. After doing so many similar courses, I finally found one that I found to add value
  • Jessica Lulua
    Jessica Lulua
    Its a useful course, which can help people in need.
  • Jagdev Singh
    Jagdev Singh
  • Tremayne Diggs
    Tremayne Diggs
    I will recommend your course to my friends. Thanks.
  • Trevor Driver
    Trevor Driver
    He is a best Instructor I ever seen in my life . he enhanced my confidence to next level.
  • Kaisa Andersen
    Kaisa Andersen
    Looking forward to buy more now.
  • Camilo Gil
    Camilo Gil
    WOW!!! this actually amazing i feel so good about it and i can't even close the videos i want to know more and more
  • Trisha Reiter
    Trisha Reiter
    Instructor is very thorough and knowledgeable, his teaching style is grounded and down to earth.
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