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The Train-The-Trainer course will give every type of trainer's tools to assist them in creating and delivering engaging,

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What will i learn?
  • Define training, facilitating, and presenting
  • Understand how to identify participants’ training needs
  • Create a lesson plan that incorporates the range of learning preferences
  • Create an active, engaging learning environment
  • Develop visual aids and supporting materials
  • Manage difficult participants and tough topics

  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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Whether you're preparing to be an expert trainer, otherwise you are someone who does a small amount of coaching as a component of their job, you will need to be prepared for the training you simply do. Students will begin becoming trainers themselves and understand that training could be a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied.

The Train-The-Trainer course will give every trainer's tools to assist them in creating and delivering engaging, compelling courses, which will encourage trainees to return for more. Skills like facilitating, needs analyses, understanding students' needs, and managing tough topics will give your trainees the requirement to become a trainer themselves.

Who this course is for
  • The ideal candidates for this course are the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals who are looking to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.
  • Expand their skills
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:16:39 Hours
12 Lessons 01:16:39 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:11
  • Understanding Training and Facilitation 00:08:36
  • Gathering Materials 00:08:20
  • Creating a Lesson Plan 00:07:04
  • Choosing Activities 00:10:19
  • Preparing for the Workshop 00:06:53
  • Getting Off on the Right Foot 00:07:35
  • Delivery Tips and Tricks 00:08:48
  • Keeping it Interactive 00:04:46
  • Dealing With Difficult Participants 00:07:26
  • Tackling Tough Topics 00:04:49
  • Wrapping Up 00:00:52
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, by providing on-demand online courses imparting high-quality education. Our goals are to provide the best Transformational Online Courses, and Technology platforms to bring together determined Gurus (Teachers) and Seekers (Students), and create a community for transforming skills and improve life with high-end effective courses on Personality Development. Our mission is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every individual on this planet.
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, ...Explore More

Student feedback

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  • Bhavya Middha
    Bhavya Middha
    coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving leadership skills.  ana this course helps you with many teachings that will help you achieve this goal.
  • José Fernández
    José Fernández
    I work in a field where life coaching can be useful so yes it was a match for me.
  • Helen Trefflich
    Helen Trefflich
    Amazing course !!!
  • Lee Kok
    Lee Kok
    The Instructor made it a fun interesting experience. Especially with all the facial expressions. I recommend this course to all contemplating on taking it.
  • Tremayne Thomas
    Tremayne Thomas
    good information and resources
  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar
    Very insightful! All the best to the team !!
  • Antonio Alvarado
    Antonio Alvarado
    The topic is interesting, and I am looking forward to hearing some in-depth information which will add to my fuller understanding of the topic.
  • Trecia Nienow
    Trecia Nienow
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I started out by downloading the manual and reading it before watching the videos. I found the manual was very detailed and helped me in my learning.
  • Jonas Fais
    Jonas Fais
    I actually thought this would be a singing tutorial. However I am intrigued and want to finish the course anyway. Perhaps my speaking voice could be improved.
  • Bryant Watson
    Bryant Watson
    I used to provide tuitions to students and from that, I always wanted to become a coach and want to distribute knowledge. This course helped me in mnay ways. Thanks !!
  • Suresh Sawant
    Suresh Sawant
    Great content and sets the basic right. Thank you! I will explore further to understand more about this.
  • Harvey Duenas
    Harvey Duenas
    I've gained of great information and I'm looking forward to know more.
  • Enny Khuduwe
    Enny Khuduwe
    Amazing efforts by the team !!
  • Faustino Herrera
    Faustino Herrera
  • Rakesh Balooni
    Rakesh Balooni
    Really enjoyed the teaching style and way the ideas were presented.Would highly recommend to anyone looking to understand why they go about things the way they do and how to start going about changing them.
  • Richard Schoepfer
    Richard Schoepfer
    The information was good, but unfortunately repeated the same information over and over
  • Yolanda Yoli
    Yolanda Yoli
    It was straight-forward and practical. Advices, examples and tips are up-to-date and clear enough to be understood even by common people. Great job! :
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