Emotional Intelligence Course: Build Emotional Intelligence In Yourself

Students will learn the flexibility to grasp one's feelings, which of groups.

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What will i learn?
  • Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy.
  • Understand, use, and manage your emotions.
  • Verbally communicate with others.
  • Successfully communicate with others in a non-verbal manner.
  • Identify the benefits of emotional intelligence.
  • Relate emotional intelligence to the workplace.
  • Balance optimism and pessimism.
  • Effectively impact others.

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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Support Family Emotions construct Emotional Intelligence in Yourself describes the power to grasp one's feelings, which of groups, and how these emotions can affect motivation and behavior. Emotional intelligence concepts are around since a minimum the 1900s, but Wayne Payne first introduced the term in 1985.

As a result of the growing acknowledgment by professionals of the importance and relevance of emotions to figure outcomes, the subject's research continued to achieve momentum. Still, it wasn't until the publication of Daniel Goleman's bestseller Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter quite IQ that the term became widely accepted by mainstream media.

Who this course is for
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.
  • Expand their skills
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:02:46 Hours
12 Lessons 01:02:46 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:34
  • What is Emotional Intelligence 00:13:26
  • Review Questions 00:02:18
  • Verbal Communication Skills 00:06:31
  • Non Verbal Communication Skills 00:04:24
  • Social Management and Responsibility 00:04:52
  • Tools to Regulate Your Emotions 00:04:32
  • Gaining Control 00:06:29
  • Business Practices I 00:06:07
  • Business Practices II 00:05:44
  • Making an Impact 00:06:08
  • Wrapping Up 00:00:41
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Team Gurukol
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  • Jessica Lulua
    Jessica Lulua
    So many topics covered, it's hard to go wrong with public speaking and presentations with this course.
  • Kellie Stone
    Kellie Stone
    I realized i having been making lots and lots of unnecessary mistakes before taking this course. This course has actually helped me know what makes a good CV. Amazing learning
  • Charley Gips
    Charley Gips
  • Trevia Spaulding
    Trevia Spaulding
    Material is great. He is a brilliant inspirational presenter - she is excellent communicating all this wise advice in a passionate way! Love to know more about her/follow her via website, blog, podcasts etc.. she may currently have.
  • Andrea Botelho
    Andrea Botelho
    I am glad I did take this course. It really made me understand the importance of having a high EQ not only at the work place, but in life generally.
  • Rita Anabila
    Rita Anabila
    I learn a lot from this course,about Emotional intelligence at work..Different between High EQ and Low EQ and some other stuff that will be benefit to my day to day leaving.
  • Thomas Reinhart
    Thomas Reinhart
    Really enjoyed the format and pace of this course. Deliberate content in short bursts was much easier to digest in a busy schedule.
  • Nunah Harb
    Nunah Harb
    Yes, this was a good course for me and I can apply it to my every day use.
  • Francisco Javier
    Francisco Javier
  • Harry Davison
    Harry Davison
    Very much informative and helpful. The tasks were easy to do and learn about my emotions at work. I will try to improve myself even better with more emotional intelligence. Thanks so much.
  • Nurul Farahniz
    Nurul Farahniz
    Selfie speaking program is a good concept for the people who have stage fear in public speaking and also while giving presentations. SSP program gives boost to the self confidence.
  • Elena Kostovska
    Elena Kostovska
    Knowledgeable info for managing your emotion at work
  • Dajuan Sweed
    Dajuan Sweed
  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel
    I loved the course, I ignored know the magnitude of emotions in decision making and how this makes a difference at home.
  • Omar Doughan
    Omar Doughan
  • Anand Namastemath
    Anand Namastemath
    yes it is a good match of having ability to manage my emotions and at the other hand being aware of how it affect others and being empathetic in a work environment.
  • Anastasiia Prytuliak
    Anastasiia Prytuliak
    Well done and explained; wish he would have shared a list of sites and functions of each.thank you
  • Suresh Sawant
    Suresh Sawant
    As always an excellent course no mater who you may be, someone wanting to enrich their mindset, a Counsellor, a student or a teacher, this is an eye opening course that makes you think, grow and be a better person.Great Job
  • Catherine Sykes
    Catherine Sykes
    Nice work!!!
  • Otsile Tlhotlhologolo
    Otsile Tlhotlhologolo
    This course provides lots of motivating perspective on getting to work. Even if you're like me, at the start of game development without any projects or value, there's still a lot of good information on how to get to work, staying motivated, how to view big projects and what to do when you do make a game. I'm glad I took this course. Now to get to work and make something!
Emotional Intelligence Course: Build Emotional Intelligence In Yourself

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