Executives Pathway For Ethics In Business Online Course

A company's ethics will determine its reputation. Good business ethics are necessary for the long-term success of a corporation.

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What will i learn?
  • Define and understand ethics.
  • Understand the benefits of ethics.
  • Create strategies to implement ethics at work.
  • Recognize social and business responsibility.
  • Identify ethical and unethical behavior.
  • Learn how to make ethical decisions and lead with integrity.

  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
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A company's ethics will determine its reputation. Good business ethics are necessary for the long-term success of a corporation. Implementing an ethical program will foster a successful company culture. Developing a Business Ethics course takes time and energy, but doing so will improve the business; it'll impact life.

A company's ethics will have influence over all levels of business. It'll influence all who interact with the corporate, including customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, etc. All of those groups will have a sway on the way a company's ethics are developed. It's a two-way street; the influence goes both ways, making understanding ethics an awfully important part of doing business today. Ethics is extremely important, as news can now spread faster and farther than ever before.  

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Students for this course can also be the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
13 Lessons 00:33:23 Hours
2 Lessons 00:02:48 Hours
  • Introduction part1 00:01:24
  • Introduction part2 00:01:24
  • Understanding - Ethics 00:03:01
  • Applying Ethics in the Workplace 00:03:15
  • Understanding - Employer Employee Rights 00:04:47
  • Social Responsibilities in Business 00:02:59
  • Moral Decisions 00:04:14
  • Business Morals and Whistle Blowing 00:02:30
  • Managerial Morals 00:02:03
  • Immoral Behavior 00:02:52
  • Business Morals 1 00:02:08
  • Business Morals 2 00:02:26
  • Conclusion 00:00:20
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, by providing on-demand online courses imparting high-quality education. Our goals are to provide the best Transformational Online Courses, and Technology platforms to bring together determined Gurus (Teachers) and Seekers (Students), and create a community for transforming skills and improve life with high-end effective courses on Personality Development. Our mission is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every individual on this planet.
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, ...Explore More

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  • Michelle Dsouza
    Michelle Dsouza
    Very interesting and highly educational.
  • Amit Ahuja
    Amit Ahuja
    I like a lot of the course, tough it is a little repetitive some days, specially at the end, but practice is necessary for improvement. The videos are short, which is very nice for watching in a daily routine. It fulfill what it promises. As a suggestion, the course could have a table describing which areas are covered each day as reference to who want create his own routine.
  • Dajuan Sweed
    Dajuan Sweed
    Great course, thank you, Instructor! Very clear presentation of not very obvious ideas, that saves much time of self analysis, and helps to make you feel, if not free - then much more comfortable with yourself, and can help you improve you life. Liked it a lot, and will definitely search for more Instructor's courses.
  • Carla M
    Carla M
    A very well structured course, filled with short though appropriate content. A complete worth the time.
  • Dave Richins
    Dave Richins
    Great course and resources, learnt a lot to put into practice. Pleasantly surprised.
  • Tremaine Hilliard
    Tremaine Hilliard
  • Cristina Casey
    Cristina Casey
    Beautiful course! A very useful course especially in areas of improving our skills and attitude towards the buisness and its ethics. Good for beginners as well as professionals in this field with some great tips. Thank you
  • Genesis Anderson
    Genesis Anderson
    Finishing Part1 I wanted to keep on the positive creative theme and Part2 had so many different things to do I was really happy that I did keep going. I wish I would have done this course when I was still working before. Good for just one person or bigger groups.
  • Tremayne Ridley
    Tremayne Ridley
    This was one of the best course so far! Such an amazing speaker you are! But I felt it was too short. It would be great if you make it a bit longer. Thank you so much for this course!
  • Necdet Çapar
    Necdet Çapar
    To identify critical ethical issues in one of the three current issues in the business ethics, This course provides a detailed brief about the various imptortant aspects of of career and business.
  • Natalie Thomas
    Natalie Thomas
    so far so good... some examples are quite refreshing. The commitment tip and example is practical and i believe it would help me in my sales meeting and appointments. thanks
  • Xolisile Zungu
    Xolisile Zungu
    This course changed my life! Thank you
  • Cao Ngoc
    Cao Ngoc
    I have experience in the customer service industry, so I can relate with the situations presented. There is always more to learn and I do appreciate the perspective of the presenter.
  • Yanina Lizette
    Yanina Lizette
    I really enjoyed the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to.
  • Charles Norman
    Charles Norman
    It's an amazing course, fully with very powerful information!
  • Angelina Cirelli
    Angelina Cirelli
    This course training was an enjoyable experience for me. I have been struggling in my professional life through a lot of things but this course literally changes my attitude toward many things When I found this course, I felt that it was a perfect step into a series of beautiful steps exploring this topic. Thank you!
  • Ginette Hannan
    Ginette Hannan
    This is a very concise, clear and meaningful way of advocating for millennials of the workforce. Having exercises to apply the concepts from the course would be appreciated too.
  • Tina Sen
    Tina Sen
    This course was really helpful and I intend to put in practice every thing I have learnt here because self confidence is important in the market place and social life and for the overall career development.
Executives Pathway For Ethics In Business Online Course

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