Fitness Wearables - The Future Of Fitness

The future of fitness is here. Fitness wearables are becoming more popular than ever before, but there's still some confusion about what they do and how wearables need is used. Find out everything you need to know in the online course; enroll now.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • What is Wearable Technology
  • The History of The Wearable Device
  • Different Types of Wearable Technology and Are They Safe
  • The Benefits of Wearing Technology Ocer Not Wearing It
  • Things to Consider Before Investing
  • Comparing Wearable tech & Smartphone Apps
  • Avoiding Common Beginner Mistakes with Wearble Technology
  • Making Wearable Technology Part of Everyday Life

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 00:40:05 Hours
Future Of Fitness
10 Lessons 00:40:05 Hours
  • Introduction 00:06:41
  • What is Wearable Technology - Should I Use it 00:04:00
  • The History of The Wearable Device 00:04:32
  • Different Types of Wearable Technology and Are They Safe 00:05:42
  • The Benefits of Wearing Technology Ocer Not Wearing It 00:02:53
  • Things to Consider Before Investing 00:03:23
  • Comparing Wearable tech & Smartphone Apps 00:03:13
  • Avoiding Common Beginner Mistakes with Wearble Technology 00:04:08
  • Making Wearable Technology Part of Everyday Life 00:03:09
  • Conclusion 00:02:24
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Carol M
    Carol M
    body buildeing and fitness is the new trend accross globe and this will further boom the industry
  • Magda Dajer
    Magda Dajer
    All the information is put together for consumption in a very seamless manner, great job! However, if there was more information on each of the topics covered, that'd be great
  • Komal Mehta
    Komal Mehta
    The instructor speaks clearly and the quality of the video is great. Just note that it's not really vegetarian of vegan friendly. One main diet recommendation is to avoid soy and absorb mainly animal proteins. I was pissed of those studies declaring that soy was lowering testosterone, and found some that said it didn't impact testosterone levels.
  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee
    yes , defenitely its empowering .
  • Barbara Scott
    Barbara Scott
    Best course on how to boost health
  • Merva Hutchinson
    Merva Hutchinson
    Good option to opt for if youare passionate for fitness
  • Tremaine Hilliard
    Tremaine Hilliard
    Very good course, excellent quality video, extremely clear voice, very good knowledge of the subject.
  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel
    good course
  • Ramata Eller
    Ramata Eller
    the society is now taking thier health and fitness more seriously and this course will definietely benefit
  • Anant Shrivastava
    Anant Shrivastava
    This course from empowerment fitness is highly practical, indepth, and simple.the coach provides practical insights into fitness skills that I highly recommend it to others.
  • Charley Gips
    Charley Gips
    I am really loving this coursework. The sections are short and sweet, I would love to see some pauses (that can be skipped) with 1-2 thought-provoking questions to reflect on before jumping into the next session.
  • Diana Separzadeh
    Diana Separzadeh
    I was thrusted into being a coach on the fly per COVID. I needed this course to gain the skills I know I will need as I continue on my journey. Not having any formal training caused me to instill doubt in myself, not anymore! I had a lot of the skills innately but knowing I'm on the right track was just what I needed!
  • Beverley Carter
    Beverley Carter
    Taking this course was a great way to help myself and others during this 2020 pandemic.
  • Huang Jiali
    Huang Jiali
    after watching over 50 lectures i have decided this class was definetly not for me. I felt as if i was not learning anything.
  • Sheldon Sampson
    Sheldon Sampson
    Very informative and helpful. The lectures were good and well paced. I found the fitness lectures very helpful
  • Jolene Becerra
    Jolene Becerra
    I have attended many beginners Coaching courses and i found this the most practical one. Not only theoretical. once you finish the course, you can start your coaching career by having points and guidelines that'll walk you through each session with your client!!! it's amazing!!
  • Karen Szabo
    Karen Szabo
    This is great! The detail I need is included.
  • Mustafa Maghraby
    Mustafa Maghraby
    Amazing. After doing so many similar courses, I finally found one that I found to add value and where I felt that the time I invested was worth it.
  • Johanna Perez-shovlin
    Johanna Perez-shovlin
    Excellent work and congratulations to the creators. For those still thinking on taking it... take the risk, I did and i'm happy I did.
  • Teresa Mcglone
    Teresa Mcglone
    I really liked the short and sweet course. This course really covers the fundamentals nicely.
  • Guillermo Federico
    Guillermo Federico
    This course is to the point and I can practice right away because this video is like guidance step by step what to do
  • Mehmet Aytar
    Mehmet Aytar
    This class opens your eyes wider in terms of being optimistic to be more successful. Positive attitude brings good vibes and frequency.
Fitness Wearables - The Future Of Fitness

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