How To Bank Real Money Fast With PLR

Don't be another fool buying PLR products that are not converting! You don't need a list to make this work. We show you how to customize PLR content, so it's IN DEMAND (content people want). Start banking real money fast. Again, you don't need a list to make this work. Enroll now.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • How to create totally unique, IN DEMAND content that sells using PLR
  • Why customizing PLR to make it your own can be fun and easy
  • Why you don’t need a list to make this work and earn money fast

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
5 Lessons 00:41:54 Hours
How To Bank Real Money Fast With PLR
5 Lessons 00:41:54 Hours
  • How I made over $1500 in about 90 minutes of work 00:11:33
  • How to create totally unique, IN DEMAND content that sells using PLR 00:07:38
  • Why customizing PLR to make it your own can be fun and easy 00:07:30
  • Why you don’t need a list to make this work and earn money fast 00:06:25
  • How to quickly grow your own list of buyers with very little effort 00:08:48
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Lawrence Gregory
    Lawrence Gregory
    excellent course! Instructors are very knowledgeable and they compliment each other very well in the way the course is delivered. Had no idea what kind of resources to expect , I was very impressed with all the worksheets and information that has been provided.
  • Vijay Chandwani
    Vijay Chandwani
    this course will let You'll learn how to build credibility, how to upsell, how to find an unlimited number of selling opportunities, how to create hot in demand content that sells, and much more. 
  • Soraia Lemos
    Soraia Lemos
    not missed a single moment of thw course
  • Beverley Carter
    Beverley Carter
    Wiill definitely gonna use these tools that the gurus use, andwill try to get on the fast track to info-product success. 
  • Lukas Siradze
    Lukas Siradze
    gud efforts !!
  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins
    A good course for quality time management. I installed the MindMeister and it's not free this time tho.
  • Katherine Baker
    Katherine Baker
    I am not computer savvy, I started using the computer much later than my younter generations, therefore the use of programs and internet as you are directing us how to use for this course, makes me more interested to learn. Thank you.
  • David Rodrigo
    David Rodrigo
    I enjoyed this course while learning much more about organizing and taking action of my life. I now add to my calendar as well as sending out invites to my team along with setting reminders. Give your follow up attention by creating a break away session during review. Today our follow up is virtual as I'm hoping you also teach a course about virtual team meetings.Thank You.
  • Tremell Williamson
    Tremell Williamson
    I have not taken any kind of course, of any kind, for over 25 years so for me it was a lot of new and different information. It is a very detailed method of organizing. I believe if followed your possibilities would be endless.
  • Sandra Huff
    Sandra Huff
    The system is VERY TECHNICAL, and I RESPECT the effort it takes to make a Action Map and to keep up with it. Much to technical for me. I (Me, myself, and I) actually felt overwhelmed looking at the map, I felt busier and that I didn't have time.....AGAIN, I RESPECT AND APPRECIATE the presenter's effort and ideas.
  • Maria M
    Maria M
    Nice course which i had gained a great insight into.
  • Jolene Becerra
    Jolene Becerra
    Unfortunately, this course does not provide anything new, it's a way to implement the GTD method from David Allen in a more confusing way.
  • Bence Baji
    Bence Baji
    The course is great . If I could manage to get to the next video without going threw hell
  • Ramon Santigo
    Ramon Santigo
    Very clear, love the personal method of how he shows the lesson through writing instead of slides/electronically. Some key info in every video that make the purchase of this course worth it.
  • Ihab Sukar
    Ihab Sukar
    Fantastic course. Lots of useful information. Potentially life-changing.
  • Bill Hamilton
    Bill Hamilton
  • Tremeika Hubbard
    Tremeika Hubbard
    The course is exhausting and prolix, doesn't get on straight points and strategies, it's more about his own experience.
  • Ibrahim Alhammadi
    Ibrahim Alhammadi
    This course finally explains why I've been so overwhelmed. And explains why some of my learning projects have been so unsuccessful. Great, eye opening material here.
  • Trena Richardson
    Trena Richardson
    the heavy hitters making serious money online create their own products to sell, and usually they or their team create those products from PLR. this course helps you for sure !!!
  • Karen Valencia
    Karen Valencia
    Looking forward to buy more now.
  • Lisa Dee
    Lisa Dee
    Well done Gurukol. Such an amazing course!!!!
  • Ramona Trevino
    Ramona Trevino
    Amazing course and the whole course , the voice, the video part everything was amazing and its easier for us to understand better!!
How To Bank Real Money Fast With PLR

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