How to make a Career As Assistant To CEO

Our Executive and private Assistants course will show students what it takes to be a successful assistant.

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What will i learn?
  • Adapt to the needs and styles of management
  • Communicate through written, verbal, and nonverbal methods
  • Improve time management skills
  • Manage meetings effectively
  • Act as a gatekeeper
  • Use the tools of the trade effectively

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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Being an Executive or Personal Assistant may be a unique position that needs a spread of skills. Whether you're updating schedules, making travel arrangements, minute taking, or creating important documents, all must be finished with a high degree of confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the foremost important characteristics of each assistant.

Our course will teach students what it takes to be a successful assistant. Students will learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a gathering, and become a successful gatekeeper. Being an Executive or Assistant takes a special ability set, and this course will provide students with the required tools.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:28:11 Hours
12 Lessons 01:28:11 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:04
  • Working with Your Manager 00:09:37
  • Administrative Soft Skills 00:08:39
  • Effective Time Management 00:08:47
  • Meeting Management 00:09:40
  • Tools of the Trade I 00:09:16
  • Tools of the Trade II 00:08:10
  • Being an Effective Gatekeeper 00:07:40
  • Organizational Skills 00:08:09
  • Confidentiality Guidelines 00:08:22
  • Special Tasks 00:07:52
  • Wrapping Up 00:00:55
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, by providing on-demand online courses imparting high-quality education. Our goals are to provide the best Transformational Online Courses, and Technology platforms to bring together determined Gurus (Teachers) and Seekers (Students), and create a community for transforming skills and improve life with high-end effective courses on Personality Development. Our mission is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every individual on this planet.
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, ...Explore More

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  • Lisa Cross
    Lisa Cross
    Really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to continuing to take what I learned into my own personal life but also into how I manage others. I wasn't sure exactly what was holding me back from embracing a growth mindset, but I learned a lot about myself and and was able to relate to pretty much all of the content/information shared in some way. Thank you!
  • Christina Abfalter
    Christina Abfalter
    The course is short but fairly good. The main idea that I learned is how to act more proactively.
  • Jolene Becerra
    Jolene Becerra
    Fantastic Course! Money well spent!
  • Tanja Recor
    Tanja Recor
    I am looking forward to this course and getting deeper into relationships and what makes people do and react they way they do. great job
  • Trevor Cottrell
    Trevor Cottrell
    The best you could for you personal development is taking this course, I have learnt so much above meditation, sleep, brain waves, and it is so well structured that you can take advantage of every single topic. One thing that surprised me is that every subject is very well supported with some scientific papers, Instructor shared bibliography of many scientific data/studies, so you understand that the content is real and the course was made for helping you.
  • Debra Mindlin
    Debra Mindlin
    It's a very productive course and I enjoyed every minute of it, learning about taking action for my success and of cause the behaviour that one should have .
  • Kris Jancuk
    Kris Jancuk
    Well done Gurukol. Such an amazing course!!!!
  • Dan Leitschkis
    Dan Leitschkis
    I think that This was a good course and easy to understand. Most definitely I’m not only applying some of this on my life at work but also in my personal life.
  • Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel
  • Jacqui Booth
    Jacqui Booth
    I was very impressed with all the worksheets and information that has been provided.
  • Trevis Baudoin
    Trevis Baudoin
    Looking forward to buy more now.
  • Sara Chelsea
    Sara Chelsea
    Absolute amazing course.. Really happy to have this and i would recommend you all for this.. Great work
  • Gretchen Mills
    Gretchen Mills
  • Lori Renaud
    Lori Renaud
    The lecture was comprehensive and provides its listeners with detailed guidance
  • Jaizel López
    Jaizel López
    The course was very informative, provided some great resources as well.
  • Timothy Acreman
    Timothy Acreman
    So far is good. I'm hoping to learn more about how to get started rather than statistics.
  • Carol Marie
    Carol Marie
    Learning from serval experts to making ourselves for a better on our own life style.
  • Evdokia Giannakopoulou
    Evdokia Giannakopoulou
    Great review of the current academic understanding of the topic, coupled with practical tips.
  • Kevin Brewer
    Kevin Brewer
    WOW!!! this actually amazing i feel so good about it and i can't even close the videos i want to know more and more.
  • Alison Vander
    Alison Vander
    Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and exudes kindness, humility, and compassion. Outstanding!!!
How to make a Career As Assistant To CEO

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