How To Win Over Hard Nutty Customer

Seekers will learn the way engaging customers properly can benefit both the worker and customer.

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What will i learn?
  • Cultivate a positive attitude
  • Manage internal and external stress
  • Develop abilities to listen actively and empathize
  • Build a rapport with customers in person and over the phone
  • Understand the diverse challenges posed by customers
  • Develop strategies to adapt to challenging circumstances

  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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Customer service could be a necessary position within the job world today. It helps companies give customers what they need and what they have. Although many shoppers are difficult, with the correct training, skills, and knowledge, any difficult customer is often perfect. With a positive attitude, your employee can positively house the foremost difficult customers, and both parties can end the conversation satisfied.

Seekers will find out how engaging customers properly can benefit both the worker and the customer. Good customer service can change a company’s reputation. Students will gain a replacement perspective through this course to react to negative customers and left them satisfied and as a returning customer.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 02:01:37 Hours
12 Lessons 02:01:37 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:24
  • The Right Attitude Starts with You 00:10:46
  • Stress Management Internal Stressors 00:13:11
  • Stress Management External Stressors 00:11:15
  • Transactional Analysis 00:10:35
  • Why are Some Customers Difficult 00:12:09
  • Dealing with the Customer Over the Phone 00:13:45
  • Dealing with the Customer in Person 00:11:27
  • Sensitivity in Dealing with Customers 00:14:22
  • Scenarios of Dealing with a Difficult Customer 00:13:39
  • Following up with a Customer Once You Have Addressed Their Issue 00:07:46
  • Wrapping Up 00:01:18
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, by providing on-demand online courses imparting high-quality education. Our goals are to provide the best Transformational Online Courses, and Technology platforms to bring together determined Gurus (Teachers) and Seekers (Students), and create a community for transforming skills and improve life with high-end effective courses on Personality Development. Our mission is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every individual on this planet.
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, ...Explore More

Student feedback

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  • Bobbie Gordon
    Bobbie Gordon
    This course is so informative and my absolute favorite course I've attended!
  • Shanon Washington
    Shanon Washington
    I feel like there could have been more information. It's basically just common knowledge.
  • Shaniqua Wright
    Shaniqua Wright
    Taking this course looks to be very helpful as these are the things I go through on daily basis and this course will definitely help me to be better at times.
  • Trecia Henry
    Trecia Henry
  • Samir Sawant
    Samir Sawant
  • Mildred Rice
    Mildred Rice
    Never really put much thought into an resume but I see I got upgrading to do. Then I never thought to just look at job opportunities in the main field of work I've worked in, I just filled the app out if the work seem to interest me or close enough to what I'm use to.
  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith
    Very good course for me in management and personal life as well. Excellent facilitator that has inspired so much in relationship management
  • Bruce Drennen
    Bruce Drennen
    very informative... I think the Instructor was very knowledgeable and has interesting material and riveting delivery. thank you!
  • Gina Gonzalez-nunez
    Gina Gonzalez-nunez
    GOOD techniques. Though I'm good in grasping concepts on video, AMAZING
  • Cheryl Denise
    Cheryl Denise
    It was very good course. Slow tempo but without any unnecessary talks, many examples. Comfort challenges are very good to practice almost every day. I liked a story from ultra-marathon in the desert. Almost every important lesson has a pdf so I can return back to it easily, no need to write it down by myself.
  • Jennifer Sudhu
    Jennifer Sudhu
  • Amy Edmonds
    Amy Edmonds
    I got more than I expected. Amazing logical explanations for each step. I recommend this course to everyone to at least go through it once and you will get lessons for life. Thanks a lot.
  • Bryant Watson
    Bryant Watson
    Amazing course. It helps me to expand my imagination and be ready for World Building, Thanks! looking forward to see more courses of you in the future.
  • Stan Green
    Stan Green
  • Trevor Driver
    Trevor Driver
    My experience was really very good, the whole session actually stroked my mind a lot about taking action immediately.
  • Johanna Perez-shovlin
    Johanna Perez-shovlin
    Yes It actually resonated deeply with me as my views were already very similar however it gave me structure and context for the way to raise my 2 and 8 months old son.
  • Gundi Rottges
    Gundi Rottges
    Learn many simple ideas and mistakes which never crossed my mind.
  • Rita Anabila
    Rita Anabila
    Eager for the in-depth courses, especially the ones analyzing the facets of the traits.
  • Trejos Alfredo
    Trejos Alfredo
    This course is interesting!I enjoyed every bit of it and I would be able to apply all that I've learned.
How To Win Over Hard Nutty Customer

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