Ketogenic Diet 101 Online Course

Lose weight fast. Ketogenic Diet 101 Online Course teaches how to live keto successfully by making the keto diet easy, flexible, and even enjoyable! Take this course today.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • What is Ketogenic Diet
  • Benefits of Ketogenic Diet
  • Keto Diet & Cancer
  • Keto Diet & Epilepsy
  • Keto Diet & Blood Pressure
  • What Do I Eat on a Keto Diet
  • Exactly How Does the Keto Diet Work for Weight Loss
  • Getting Started on the Keto Diet

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
11 Lessons 01:02:48 Hours
Ketogenic Diet 101
11 Lessons 01:02:48 Hours
  • Introduction 00:01:58
  • What is Ketogenic Diet 00:02:23
  • Benefits of Ketogenic Diet 00:06:56
  • Keto Diet & Cancer 00:04:25
  • Keto Diet & Epilepsy 00:03:04
  • Keto Diet & Blood Pressure 00:02:55
  • What Do I Eat on a Keto Diet 00:07:03
  • Exactly How Does the Keto Diet Work for Weight Loss 00:08:24
  • Getting Started on the Keto Diet 00:07:10
  • Keto Recipes 00:14:35
  • Conclusion 00:03:55
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Rhema Joy
    Rhema Joy
    I am learning very fast it will help me to navigate through my career.
  • Janet Spaulding
    Janet Spaulding
    good course.thanks.
  • Tremell Williamson
    Tremell Williamson
    Very good in terms of cognitive knowledge. Extremely insightful.
  • Jeff Campbell
    Jeff Campbell
    The content is good but needs more examples for both buyer and seller perspective which will help to understand better.
  • Julien -
    Julien -
    Yes. The delivery is more personalized and content is very practical thereby encouraging implementation. Very high level but thought provoking. Tools in my pocket
  • Marcel Dreyer
    Marcel Dreyer
    this course has tremendously helped me how to engage in ketogenic diet
  • Gabriel Orozco
    Gabriel Orozco
    There are real good information, but i would wish if there were more than what had offer
  • Arturo Moreno
    Arturo Moreno
    Great course, comprehensive details. Would recommend if people seeking to put a more organized structure
  • Punitha A
    Punitha A
    It was very helpful with understanding
  • Darla Cole
    Darla Cole
    awesome content
  • Treena Tomlinson
    Treena Tomlinson
    Very good course for learning ketogenic diet
  • Katerina Pantoulia
    Katerina Pantoulia
    it is a experience and we'd love to take more of it
  • F A
    F A
    As I have started keto diet so this course helps me well to undersatnd details of it. Thanks
  • Trenell Thomas
    Trenell Thomas
    Well structured, easy to learn from & well paced. This is a good intro course for all in a corporate set up, alliances or marketing too.
  • Lottie Ragland
    Lottie Ragland
    Very informative and greatly improve my soft skill knowledge. The course fees is very reasonable.
  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts
    I will recommend your course to my friends. Thanks.
  • Wilma Lopez
    Wilma Lopez
    Very helpful information and slides that I have saved to use in future. Thank you
  • Sowmya Gopalakrishna
    Sowmya Gopalakrishna
    This course is excellent , a lot of information,easy to understand, with detail explanations,the instructor was teaching from experience,wonderful instructor.
  • Orlando Guerra
    Orlando Guerra
    His innovative way of looking at change ,he seems to be a man of experience THANKS
  • Kago Babusi
    Kago Babusi
    I liked the course and the content of Ketogenic diet is good to know.
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