Knowledge And Awareness Of Your Own Personality

Students will learn how beneficial becoming more self-aware can be

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What will i learn?
  • Define the self and different aspects of the self
  • Learn from introspection
  • Understand the nature and value of emotions
  • Appreciate themselves
  • Appreciate others
  • Improve effectiveness

  • Anyone can attend this course
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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Self-awareness is a crucial part of daily life. It transfers above to your personal, social, physical, and work-life. It can help one gain a much better understanding of themselves and live a stronger, more fulfilling life. When working to deepen one's self-awareness, it's important to have interaction with yourself fully. Everyone takes the time and proper steps to become self-aware fully.

Students will learn the way beneficial to becoming more self-aware is. A highly self-aware person will become extra equipped to cope with existence and its challenges. Through this course, students will gain a replacement perspective on themselves, their emotions, and become valuable members of society.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:31:34 Hours
12 Lessons 01:31:34 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:14
  • What is the Self 00:07:53
  • Awareness of The Physical Self 00:08:49
  • Time Management 00:11:34
  • The Emotional Self 00:05:53
  • Mood Management 00:08:52
  • The Mental Self 00:09:58
  • Interpersonal Awareness 00:11:15
  • The Spiritual Self 00:07:26
  • Limitations of Self Awareness 00:08:58
  • Independence versus Interdependence 00:08:39
  • Wrapping Up 00:01:03
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Team Gurukol
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, by providing on-demand online courses imparting high-quality education. Our goals are to provide the best Transformational Online Courses, and Technology platforms to bring together determined Gurus (Teachers) and Seekers (Students), and create a community for transforming skills and improve life with high-end effective courses on Personality Development. Our mission is to implement a culture of ‘Accessible. Affordable. Available. Education’ for every individual on this planet.
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Gurukol is determined to reduce economic and social stress, and enhance the quality of life, ...Explore More

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  • Trena Keys
    Trena Keys
    It is small programme for those who might be feeling to give up on earthing because of a bad week or day so ,but after watching this course it just boosts you up.
  • Arjun Vyas
    Arjun Vyas
    Lots of great information and very detailed and engaging worksheets. It is at times a bit repetitive especially with examples. Would be nice to have client examples like role play or case study of most common setbacks for coaches
  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto
    Very informative, practical information that I can use to identify my style.
  • Karla Nieves
    Karla Nieves
    Great course, not at all what I expected, the course was easy to keep up with, very well broken down sections and Andy is a GREAT Instructor. Thank you!
  • Nathan Mckenzie
    Nathan Mckenzie
    This course was quite informative and, also, entertaining. It kept me engaged and gave me tools to help improve my memory which I could use. It also made me feel better about my memory later in life.
  • Mariana Ugalde
    Mariana Ugalde
    Beautiful course. Instructor is so amazing. So beautiful to listen to and such an inspirational teacher. She makes so much sense. She is so calming too. I love the stories she brings to her courses and I love her sense of humour too! She has amazing knowledge and experience and I absolutely love learning from her. Thus course was excellent. So informative and so engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to all involved and especially to Instructor.
  • Senthil Babu
    Senthil Babu
    Very informative, practical information that I can use to identify my style.
  • Fatima Rashid
    Fatima Rashid
    Hello, I am also one of those who would lose concentration when ever I tried to speak during our work meetings.Your presentation and sharing the feelings of fear and etc., is very heart warming and it makes me realize or rather it makes me remember that I am not alone feeling the way I have always felt.It takes away the feelings of lonliness out of me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
  • Carolina Gimenes
    Carolina Gimenes
  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee
    Wonderful insights by the author. It's just for everyone who wants to increase their productivity and also grow internally. Much Helpful.
  • Thomas Dielen
    Thomas Dielen
    On-line training was very convenient. It also allows more people access to training.
  • Abdurrahman Elkholaify
    Abdurrahman Elkholaify
    Provided me with ideas I would have not learned about if I had not taken this course. I am pleased.
  • Lourdes Espinoza
    Lourdes Espinoza
    Really enjoyed the course. Definitely will go over it more than once to get the maximum benefit of this course!!
  • Bence Baji
    Bence Baji
    Very simple examples with knowledge sharing make me understand the techniques better. And also, giving some exercise in between helps us to embed and practice, in turn remember for longer period.
  • Thomas Reid
    Thomas Reid
    This course was very instructive and served a purpose. Thank you for your effort.
  • Pedro Fresno
    Pedro Fresno
    very informative, practical information that I can use to identify my style.
Knowledge And Awareness Of Your Own Personality

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