Law & Legal: Contract Law

Contract law course, the scholars will discover the specifics of how contract management works and the way to effectively source agents.

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What will i learn?
  • Identify contract elements
  • Understand ethical contract management
  • Calculate value
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Create basic amendments

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  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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It is easy to overlook contract management's importance because it seems to be a monotonous, mundane topic. Contracts, however, are the premise of most business relationships. If contracts are managed well, the business relationships will flourish. If they're not, companies face loss, relationship harm, and damaged reputations.

Contract law course, the scholars will discover the specifics of how contract management works and the way to source agents effectively.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:11:42 Hours
12 Lessons 01:11:42 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:03
  • Defining Contract Management 00:07:08
  • Legal and Ethical Contract Management 00:08:42
  • Contract Management Request 00:08:30
  • How to Create a Contract 00:07:19
  • Contract Negotiations 00:06:24
  • Assess Performance 00:06:51
  • Relationships 00:06:26
  • Amending Contracts 00:06:22
  • Conducting Audits 00:05:51
  • Renewing Contracts 00:06:22
  • Wrapping Up 00:00:44
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Lee Kok
    Lee Kok
    As a non-native English speaker who has been struggling all my life to reduce my accent and enunciate English words properly, the techniques he is teaching is very easy to follow and memorize. I believe that with a little more practice, this will take me to the desired state I was hoping for.
  • Troy Reder
    Troy Reder
    I specially thnx to Gurukol for offering this kind beautiful courses,both are legends in theirs respected positions &they did wonderful job.my suggestion for aspirants is before you start this course better to watch this movies: Titanic.
  • Faye Reid
    Faye Reid
    Course great, I think I was looking for something a bit different... nothing against course. I am working on reducing my accent. I will implement the ideas and then see the results.
  • Trellis Johnson
    Trellis Johnson
    This course was amazing and very relevant to the current climate!! I was able to learn some really great tips that I will try to implement them.
  • Sowmya Gopalakrishna
    Sowmya Gopalakrishna
    I really like how he provided tasks that can increase our happiness and Really enjoyed the course.
  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson
    Really great introduction to Tapping. The instructor is really caring she gives off a really calming vibration. I've never done tapping before, finding it very interesting.
  • Praful Dandgawal
    Praful Dandgawal
    This course covered all the basics. The pace is slower than I expected and some of the topics felt short or abrupt. But this is a great starting point for anyone who really wants to start writing.
  • Joachim Rundgren
    Joachim Rundgren
    Very good quality. Outlines the need for discipline and the benefits in numerous areas of your personal and work life.
  • Subhankar Dey
    Subhankar Dey
    Easy access to start and stop when needed. Clear visuals and verbal information. I really enjoyed the course and look forward
  • Adriana Valencia
    Adriana Valencia
    I enjoyed this. Did not regret money spent.it was very helpful
  • Thomas Rehrig
    Thomas Rehrig
    I love this training. It is a little hard but I love it I am hoping that at the end of this video I will learn how to memorize things!
  • Shakira Mccullough
    Shakira Mccullough
    Learning what is explained in the course is one thing, but experiencing the content on a personal level is what resonated to me personally. I felt immediately connected especially since working on myself internally has become one of my regular everyday habits even before I took this course. This is only my opinion and it will only matter how it benefits you.
  • Henry S.
    Henry S.
  • Julisa Stuart
    Julisa Stuart
  • Augustin Juncar
    Augustin Juncar
    Very engaging and thoughtful. easy to digest even when I am struggling with most point that as been mention on this course. I recommend anyone to take this course. at first, it seems hard to get into after you won’t like to stop until the end, but do not forget you check-ups it makes it easier to digest all the information you are about to intake :) well done thank you so much :)
  • Magda Dajer
    Magda Dajer
    This is one of the most influential courses that I have ever taken, the unconventional humble style of the Instructor made even more appealing.
  • Barbara Wegner
    Barbara Wegner
    I truly enjoy the way you teaches. He makes everything so enjoyable, you forget your learning.
  • Tremaine Rather
    Tremaine Rather
    I really enjoyed this seminar. Great refresher for me. I gave me some new ideas and perspectives.
  • Brittany Studmire
    Brittany Studmire
    Very inspiring speaker! You just want to listen to his talk non-stop. It's like a book you cannot put down. Thank you! I really learned a lot!
Law & Legal: Contract Law

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