Learn Computers For 2021 Digital Era Part 2 (Apps Training)

Learn the key tips and tricks to increase professionalism within the office.

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What will i learn?
  • Comprehensive understanding of commands and feature of various applications
  • Proper app navigation
  • Working with word processing
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Making presentations
  • Overview of databases and database security
  • Collaboration and methods of sharing data

  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
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The Key Applications course offered by Gurukol provides a basic yet comprehensive overview of all necessary information required to use and navigate the key computer applications. It provides basic computer literacy detailing various essential topics like app features, app navigation, data processing and spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and data sharing.

This course targets beginner-level individuals who don't possess prior experience working with computer applications or, normally, personal computers. This course isn't recommended for trained professionals because it offers a rudimentary understanding of computer application essentials. For users looking to find out the fundamentals of app navigation, this course may be a must!

The course overview contains the subsequent areas of learning-

Application features and customary

Application navigation

Word processing




Collaboration and data sharing

Enhance your ability to effectively and efficiently use and navigate computer applications with this comprehensive course by Gurukol.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
111 Lessons 03:40:27 Hours
What are Application Features ?
20 Lessons 01:18:03 Hours
  • Continuation - Similar Commands and Features 00:02:44
  • Introduction to Course 00:00:49
  • Module Overview 00:00:37
  • Trial - Explaining Multi-media 00:05:33
  • Explaining - Multi-media 00:04:27
  • Trial - Looking through Applications 00:02:40
  • Looking through Applications 00:04:32
  • Trial - Formatting 00:05:34
  • What is Formatting? 00:03:30
  • Trial- Selection 00:03:07
  • What are Application Features ? 00:00:47
  • Trial- Receiving Help 00:02:11
  • Trial - Understanding Preferences 00:07:44
  • Similar Commands and Features 00:01:30
  • Trial - Uses of Editing 00:05:30
  • Continuation - Similar Commands and Features 00:05:05
  • Trial - Print Selections 00:07:35
  • Continuation - Similar Commands and Features 00:03:40
  • Trial - Similar Commands and Features 00:06:14
  • Similar Commands and Features 00:04:14
  • Trial - Clearing Tabs and Setting Other Types of Tabs 00:01:40
  • Module Overview 00:00:33
  • Trial - Editing Bulleted and Numbered Lists 00:02:07
  • Defining - New Bullet Dialog Box 00:01:02
  • Trial - Bulleted and Numbered Lists Additions 00:01:53
  • Trial - Rows and Columns 00:01:34
  • Rows and Columns 00:02:15
  • Trial - Table Creation 00:01:21
  • Data Working 00:05:42
  • Trial - Positioning Indents 00:01:52
  • Trial - Paragraph Alignment Changes 00:01:38
  • Aligning Paragraphs 00:01:22
  • Functioning with Word Processing 00:00:29
  • Understanding - Tabs 00:01:04
  • Trial - Changing Margins and Page Orientation 00:01:09
  • Adding Margins Tab 00:01:16
  • Trial - Header and Footer Editing 00:01:24
  • Trial - Forming Header and Footer 00:01:35
  • Adding a Header 00:00:58
  • Trial - Page Numbers 00:01:16
  • Trial- Adding and Deleting Manual Page Breaks 00:01:12
  • Understanding - Manual Page Break Addition 00:00:39
  • Understanding - Layouts 00:05:48
  • What are Formulas? Part-1 00:02:41
  • Module Overview 00:00:28
  • Trial - How to Create and Edit a Pie Chart 00:01:59
  • Trial - Examining Chart Elements 00:00:54
  • Understanding Chart Elements 00:01:16
  • Trial - Chart Creation 00:01:29
  • What are Charts and Graphs ? 00:02:23
  • Demo - How to Format Headers and Footers ? 00:02:23
  • Headers and Footers 00:01:04
  • Trial - How to use the Number Group to Format Numbers ? 00:02:04
  • Understanding - Formatting 00:01:40
  • Trial - How to edit a formula ? 00:00:53
  • Entering Formulas 00:00:21
  • Trial - Basic Formula Creation 00:01:42
  • What are Formulas? Part-2 00:00:22
  • How to work with Spreadsheets? 00:00:25
  • Trial - Table Styles and Sorting Data Application 00:01:32
  • Understanding - Data 00:02:17
  • Trial - How to Edit and Update a Workbook 00:00:51
  • Trial - Saving a New Workbook 00:01:04
  • How to Save Workbooks? 00:00:35
  • Trial - Figuring out a Worksheet 00:02:11
  • Navigation Methods - Worksheet 00:01:06
  • Navigation Methods - Worksheet Part-2 00:00:00
  • Navigation Methods - Worksheet Part-1 00:01:38
  • Trial - Positioning Alignment 00:01:17
  • Trial - Entering Cell References with the Mouse 00:01:00
  • How to enter Cell References with Mouse? 00:00:36
  • Understanding - Spreadsheets 00:03:50
  • Trial- Chart Creation 00:01:56
  • Module Overview 00:00:43
  • Clip Art Addition 00:01:09
  • Trial - Inserting a Picture 00:01:37
  • How to Insert pictures? 00:00:41
  • Trial - Slide Design 00:00:05
  • Designing Slides 00:04:20
  • Slides from Other Presentations 00:00:43
  • Slide Deleting 00:00:55
  • Trial - Adding and Editing Slides 00:00:05
  • How to Add Slides? 00:00:39
  • Switching Between Slides 00:00:23
  • Introduction to Slides 00:02:34
  • Trial - Introduction to Presentation 00:00:05
  • Chart Insert 00:00:46
  • Trial - How to add a Table? 00:01:10
  • Table Addition 00:00:37
  • Trial - Finding and Replacing Text 00:00:05
  • How to Find and Replace Text? 00:01:06
  • Font Size Changes 00:00:34
  • How to Change the Font? 00:00:33
  • Formatting - Character and Paragraph 00:01:01
  • Content Usage 00:02:38
  • Presentations Upgradation 00:00:57
  • Presentation Preparation 00:00:22
  • How to open Presentations? 00:00:41
  • Trial - Opening and Running a Presentation 00:00:05
  • Database 00:06:33
  • Trial - How to Manage Records? 00:00:05
  • Understanding - Queries 00:02:57
  • Trial - Queries and Reports 00:05:33
  • Insight to Database Security 00:03:41
  • Module Overview 00:01:09
  • What is Collaboration? 00:00:17
  • How to Collaborate with Others? 00:04:02
  • Data Sharing - Methods 00:04:07
  • Trial - File Sharing 00:04:48
  • Module Overview 00:00:53
  • Course Conclusion 00:01:59
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Student feedback

Average rating
  • 31%
  • 36%
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  • Trever Lyons
    Trever Lyons
    The concepts were very well explained and all my questions were answered without even having to ask. An absolute most for whoever wants to write a story. Would have loved more diagrams or maybe more creative slides.
  • G K
    G K
    This was a very easy class to get through on a mobile device. I was very excited to be able to complete the course! Course introduction hooked me. If you expect the course able to help you as introduced by instructor, I'd say you won't be disappointed.
  • Nicole Delisle
    Nicole Delisle
    Learnt a lot and the steps mentioned are easy enough to make me start on the right direction. Excellent job
  • Hanan W.
    Hanan W.
    Great work ...Will looking forword to purchase more now
  • Terry Reneau
    Terry Reneau
    I am really enjoying this course because it is simple and has short videos. This makes it easy to comprehend and put what I have learned into an easy to understand system.
  • Treion Williams
    Treion Williams
  • Karen Szabo
    Karen Szabo
    Great overview of ways to improve productivity, define your purpose and set goals. Instructor is clear and concise and seems very passionate about what he teaches.The video part was very excellent.
  • Terrell Coe
    Terrell Coe
    This was an amazing coarse; I can definitely implement the tools, knowledge and techniques with clients as well as in my personal life. It was easy to follow and understanding basic myofascial cupping. I would to take further course after this.
  • Milagros Remond
    Milagros Remond
    It's exciting and easy to understand. Great course and informative. Great recipes.
  • Frédéric Bartels
    Frédéric Bartels
    I was looking for a course that would help me improve my communication and presentation skills and this course was exactly what I was looking for. Very practical, very much straight to the point.Following the main keypoints discussed is essential to improving in this area.Great job done by Gurokol..
  • Anthony Bruno
    Anthony Bruno
    very good course. Kudos to the team.. Excellent course
  • Aileen E
    Aileen E
    I think this was a good starter kit, however I felt the lecture stayed at that starter level. Through 2020, we experienced a level of global unrest, that challenged our ability to have simply happy moments. I would have liked to hear more how to manage situations and perhaps cultivate happiness, when one goes through a longer periods of stress, social trauma and unrest. Really looking forward to buy more these kind of courses.
  • Jeneen Smith
    Jeneen Smith
    This course has great advice. I didn't realize it at first, but the last good job I had was because of one of the methods taught in this course! It is obvious the instructor cares about helping his students. Thank you! Great work
  • Guadalupe Carreon
    Guadalupe Carreon
    Overall, it is a very good course.
  • Shakhzod Nishonov
    Shakhzod Nishonov
    It is even better then the old one, which already was great and insightfull!I Thank you Instructors and the team, keep up the good work.
  • Jermaine Preston
    Jermaine Preston
    The course is really helpful for us to write essays in different formats and styles. It helps us to structure our writing. Also it enhanced my knowledge about computers..Great work
  • Trenece Jones
    Trenece Jones
    I have gained a wealth of information from this course. Thumbs up and I will recommend this course to everyone.
  • Shawn Townsend
    Shawn Townsend
    I enjoyed the class it was very informative . It was easy to follow and understanding basic myofascial cupping. I would to take further course after this.
  • Gautam Khanna
    Gautam Khanna
    I've done before a different course that didn't do much for me. Instructor course gives the basic, first steps in CBT which is exactly what i needed for start. I like the practice parts in the end of each section. I would like the quizes to be a bit harder so I could be challenged to do better. Still I would say I'm happy with this course and I would definetly keep rewatching it and practice with myself and with others to master everything that i've learned from it. Thank you! See you again! All the best!
Learn Computers For 2021 Digital Era Part 2 (Apps Training)

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