Meditation For Busy People : Sress Buster

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Meditation can help reduce stress and give you a sense of control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Learn how easy it is to start meditating. Enroll in the online course now.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • Myths About Meditation
  • Things To Help You Meditate
  • Ways You Can Master Meditation
  • Mistakes You Make That Stop You From Meditating
  • Tips to Meditate More
  • Ways to Meditate for Busy People
  • How You Can Develop Your Meditation Skills
  • The One Secret to be Stress-Free

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 00:37:43 Hours
Meditation For Busy People
10 Lessons 00:37:43 Hours
  • 3 Stress Relievers You Need to Learn Today 00:03:48
  • 5 Myths About Meditation 00:03:50
  • 5 Things To Help You Meditate 00:03:16
  • 4 Ways You Can Master Meditation 00:03:51
  • 6 Mistakes You Make That Stop You From Meditating 00:03:55
  • 8 Tips to Meditate More 00:04:02
  • 8 Ways to Meditate for Busy People 00:03:59
  • How You Can Develop Your Meditation Skills 00:03:53
  • The One Secret to be Stress-Free 00:03:35
  • Top 4 Skills You Need to Master to Relieve Stress 00:03:34
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Tina Rebman
    Tina Rebman
    Good information helpful tips so far, on how to be more productive. Good course for the beginner.
  • Judith P.
    Judith P.
    it is worth the time & energy invested. Thanks!
  • Trena Davis
    Trena Davis
    By this i can find the reason to grrom myself in terms of performance..Kudos to the team!!!!!
  • Kate Gonzalez
    Kate Gonzalez
    This Instructor takes a very different approach to teaching confidence and self-worth.
  • Fika Dian
    Fika Dian
    Just the information I needed. I feel more confident and also know that I am on the right track.
  • Timothy Reed
    Timothy Reed
    This is one of the most influential courses that I have ever taken, the unconventional humble style of the Instructor made even more appealing.
  • Andrei Faltinski
    Andrei Faltinski
    There were enough good ideas to work with and learn but the presentation could be much better. Also, real videos instead of slides or animation would be more helpful. Some of the topics seemed redundant. The animation is mostly distracting. The text color on slides is too light to read many times. Some of the resources are not pdf or png so not usable.
  • Marta Barbara
    Marta Barbara
    meditation is the need of our soul and you can the see the results in your life
  • Emeka Ogumka
    Emeka Ogumka
    Examples taken were very good
  • Nina Hasburgh
    Nina Hasburgh
    I listened to the whole course once and I am listening to it again. I am 56years old and have lived all my vm life being passive. I needed this course. Thank You. I am looking forward to implementing some of these ideas
  • Sarah Dombroskie
    Sarah Dombroskie
    The instructor's years of experience radiate through this course. Learning about positive groundlessless and Instructor will help anyone recognize their habits and begin to radically change them and become more focused and open.
  • Bruce Drennen
    Bruce Drennen
    Only about two months ago I started to practice meditation. Since that time I've been trying to integrate as much as I can that is positive into my daily life. I found these teachings to be very valuable and pertinent to my current situation. I feel like it could benefit anybody who is not familiar with Instructor (a new word to me) or mindfulness practice. I didn't come to this course with any expectations but I left with valuable information that I intend to integrate into myself daily. Thank you.
  • Kate Cullen
    Kate Cullen
    Yes I am a diabetic who is hooked on sugar. I know that it is going to lead to a difficult time ahead, but I can't refrain from the sugar laden foods. I have tried many methods to kick this awful habit with no success. The topic of this session described exactly my mind set, Try something new.
  • Benoit Langevin
    Benoit Langevin
    I find it a great reminder and very soothing and reassuring to listen to wise people. It really helps to remind me to breath and realize how much suffering I create for myself.
  • Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez
    Great timing, really what I needed in this period of my life. Only downside was the recordings were not always good quality which distracted a bit from the content
  • Gaëlle Tanguy
    Gaëlle Tanguy
    I'm enjoying the content of this course and find it very useful and practical to take to my personal life.
  • Trevione Simley
    Trevione Simley
    This course so far is such a good match for me... her advice on how not to get hooked by everyday, every-moment situations and emotions is so concrete, practical and well explained. It is making such a difference in my life. Thank you!!
  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith
    I have a little previous experience of Buddhist-based courses and found this one quite enlightening. I am at the moment taking courses in Psychology and Philosophy and find this course fits in quite neatly.Instructor is an amazingly inspirational speaker. very insightful and witty. I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to her.
  • Mike Arthur
    Mike Arthur
    very necessary topic to discuss
  • Bharathi R
    Bharathi R
    immunity booster exercises in this course will surely help you !! great course
  • Maxwell Sebastian
    Maxwell Sebastian
    good information helpful tips so far, on how to be more productive. Good course for the beginner.
  • Nadine Gottinger
    Nadine Gottinger
    great Value for Money, a lot of Content, Very Informative, Life Changing, Brilliant for Stress Relief & Dealing with Life’s Challenges
  • Pierre Le
    Pierre Le
    awesome structure
Meditation For Busy People : Sress Buster

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