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Created by Team Gurukol English
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  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
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  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

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10 Lessons 00:39:56 Hours
10 Lessons 00:39:56 Hours
  • video01 00:04:07
  • video02 00:03:31
  • video03 00:04:10
  • video04 00:04:05
  • video05 00:03:43
  • video06 00:04:03
  • video07 00:04:02
  • video08 00:03:55
  • video09 00:04:16
  • video10 00:04:04
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Team Gurukol
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  • Manuel Espinoza
    Manuel Espinoza
    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Instructor teaches in a form of truthfulness that I have never seen before. I feel as though I was let in to a secret of life.
  • Jenny Daigle
    Jenny Daigle
    Indeed it was. Awesome course. Instructor energy flows through the laptop screen and hits you. :)
  • Tumelo Molatjane
    Tumelo Molatjane
    This is the first of many of his courses that I have enrolled in. Extremely well presented and explained. I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of it and the reason I say majority is not because of Instructor teaching, but because of my own personal past issues. Instructor has helped me see myself in a different way and to see life from a different perspective. Thank you Instructor for this encouragement and this course for starters. I am looking forward to continuing on with my next goals I have lined up.
  • Maria M
    Maria M
    Thank you, Instructor, for helping me to make peace with my past and give me back my dignity! I was raped at the age of 19 and suffered from PTSD and nightmares for 23 years until being healed with EMDR treatment. Though the PTSD and nighmares were finally gone, I still did not know how to frame my life experiences and and make complete peace with my past. Now, after taking your course on mindfullness, I can say that I have found real peace. Instructor, in your mindfulness course, I felt guided down that journey by the questions that you shared for me to reflect upon. Then by sharing your personal story of making peace with your past, I was inspired to share my story with others as well. Thank you, for showing me true freedom! God bless you! I want to pass it on!
  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans
    Really enjoyed the course. Instructor is a great speaker and very relatable, he speaks with passion and wisdom. I am looking forward to joining more of his online courses.
  • Sean Watt
    Sean Watt
    Great Value for Money, a lot of Content, Very Informative, Life Changing, Brilliant for Stress Relief & Dealing with Life’s Challenges
  • Devin Roy
    Devin Roy
    I would like to thank for all of the effort and enthusiasm that he puts into his teachings. This is not a course that should be rushed through, if you do, you will lose out on a plethora of information that will not only guide you through how you choose to live mindfully, but will enable you to help others begin their own journey of mindful living.
  • Todd Remmers
    Todd Remmers
    I would highly recommend this to course to anyone looking to make changes in their own personal life as well as using it for professional purposes. Great resources included along with with a structure to bring you through the course in an organized way.
  • Angelique Whitney
    Angelique Whitney
    I enjoyed the mindfulness course which really resounded much of the CBT course I took earlier. I feel this course has helped me become grounded and responsible in the way I felt I needed to.
  • Tim Reed
    Tim Reed
    Great course, the only thing that wasn't enough for the full 5 stars is the visualization, because the sometimes very fast drawing makes it a bit hard to watch when a hand flies very quickly across the screen
  • Necdet Çapar
    Necdet Çapar
    Great course, a lot of valuable information that I can apply to my own life and live a better and healthier lifestyle
  • Trevor Cobb
    Trevor Cobb
    Enjoyed this course. The sketches that were done while he was speaking was my favorite because it focused on what was being discussed. One of my favorite. Very good and knew how to keep my attention.
  • Imran Khakoo
    Imran Khakoo
    It is a decent course. It's not what I expected, but it appears to be good enough for me. You'll learn a lot, but you will definitely need to adjust everything said for your needs, which is a beautiful thing.
  • Sharon Huddle
    Sharon Huddle
    I had a wonderful time learning this course. It would be better if the Instructor aimed this course for people of all ages and fields and not just people with professional careers. It was a a good experience overall. Thank You
  • Christine Darling
    Christine Darling
    Several options on how to accomplish the changes as well as a clear cut path on how to get started. Great, useful content laid out in a very efficient training course.
  • Kelvin Ohikhueme
    Kelvin Ohikhueme
    A little bit long at the beginning, but it is worthwhile to stick with it till the end. I have indeed learned some new methods to improve my work routine.
  • Ronald Alberto
    Ronald Alberto
    To the point, without wasting your time, the author of the course leads you through the best techniques that high achievers undertake, as well as he encourages you to finally take action! Long story short - it is a great course! Probably the best investment in myself that I made in 2020
  • Emilie Bugmann
    Emilie Bugmann
    The course was truly amazing and I have learnt about how to tackle distractions and improve productivity.The best part of course in which Instructor has explained lot many real life distractions which we really don't observe and which consume lot many time.
  • Tregg Hartshorn
    Tregg Hartshorn
    A must recommended course!!
  • Brent Coursey
    Brent Coursey
    congratulations gurukol ....
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