One Time Offer Blueprint

The perfect strategy for internet marketing businesses is to sell products and services online. Smart OTOs are the way to grow your audience and convert leads into customers without any extra investment of time or money. Click here to access this blueprint!

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • Why You Must Have One Time Offers
  • How To Create Funnel With Smart OTOs
  • Why Most OTOs Aren't Converting

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
8 Lessons 00:43:10 Hours
One Time Offer Blueprint
8 Lessons 00:43:10 Hours
  • Introduction and Quick Overview 00:05:06
  • Why You Must Have One Time Offers Part 1 00:08:49
  • Why You Must Have One Time Offers Part 2 00:03:36
  • Overview Of A Smart OTO And Why They Convert 00:01:42
  • How To Create Funnel With Smart OTOs 00:04:45
  • Smart OTO Real Example - Services 00:05:14
  • Why Most OTOs Aren't Converting 00:04:46
  • Overview Of A Smart OTO And Why They Convert 00:09:12
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • Trengganu Ly
    Trengganu Ly
    This is an amazing experience!!!!! THANK YOU!!! It was very helpfull
  • Mary O.
    Mary O.
    awsome course really love this
  • Maria Martins
    Maria Martins
    Great course, I gained a lot of insight in the topic! Totally recommendable!
  • Sharon Huddle
    Sharon Huddle
    a good match for myself. definitely recommended to everyone
  • Antonio Alvarado
    Antonio Alvarado
    thanks Gurukol for this wonderful course which really help me a lot
  • Fika Dian
    Fika Dian
    Yes it has been a great experience so far,very nice
  • Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel
    It is perfect for me. I especially love the right to the point format. which is really helpful
  • Treischelle Antley
    Treischelle Antley
    Very Informative and well explained :)
  • Treasa Jones
    Treasa Jones
    It’s a nice course to take, It really helped me understand each and everthing very easily
  • Lee Westwell
    Lee Westwell
    I really enjoyed this course. It’s a GREAT course. Instructors were easy to listen to and understand.
  • Barbara Scott
    Barbara Scott
    So far it seems to be a good match for me. Very relevant. This is getting better and better. I will recomend this for others.
  • Trevor Hampton
    Trevor Hampton
    A very good course covers all the basics and also the advanced concepts in a beautiful manner.
  • Miguel Meza
    Miguel Meza
    Great experience and would like to do more courses after this one.Thank for the amazing platform.
  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis
    For a short course this is really in depth. I have learned so much that I was aware.
  • Emily Vandermeulen
    Emily Vandermeulen
    Excellent course. Really interesting and facts that are in the course
  • Riner Andrie
    Riner Andrie
    Its a useful course, which can help people in need.
  • Sakshi Kalra
    Sakshi Kalra
    everyone should go for this course its really amazing
  • Trenece Jones
    Trenece Jones
    helpful, informative kudos to team
  • Kate Gonzalez
    Kate Gonzalez
    Good course , I found it really practical.
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