Reinvent Rediscover Yourself with You 2.0 Online Course

Life is ever-changing, aging is an integral part of our growth. You need to reinvent and rediscover yourself to a better and next version of yourself. Get this online course in 22 videos to teach how to mold yourself into a better YOU 2.0. Enroll in the online course as soon as possible, and fulfill all your desire!

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • Discovering Your Why
  • Unleashing Your Creative Powers
  • Creating Your Vision Board
  • Visualization Techniques
  • The Fundamentals Of Goal Setting
  • Succeeding At Goal Setting
  • Making Goals An Active Part Of Your Life
  • Increasing Time Management Skills For Achieving Goals

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
22 Lessons 01:17:14 Hours
You 2.0.
22 Lessons 01:17:14 Hours
  • Defining Your Big Picture 00:02:42
  • Discovering Your Why 00:01:41
  • Unleashing Your Creative Powers 00:02:27
  • Creating Your Vision Board 00:03:23
  • Visualization Techniques 00:03:04
  • The Fundamentals Of Goal Setting 00:03:45
  • Succeeding At Goal Setting 00:04:43
  • Making Goals An Active Part Of Your Life 00:04:27
  • Increasing Time Management Skills For Achieving Goals 00:03:18
  • Time Management And How It Impacts Goal Setting 00:04:01
  • What Is Your Definition Of Success 00:04:41
  • Achievements Don't Happen Overnight 00:04:38
  • Other Key Factors For Achievement 00:04:46
  • Motivators And Teamwork 00:04:42
  • Achievement By Association 00:04:22
  • Rid Yourself Of The Negative People 00:03:46
  • Why Do We Procrastinate 00:02:06
  • How To Finish What You Started 00:03:19
  • Why Is Procrastination Destructive To Our Lives 00:02:29
  • What We Are Up Against 00:01:58
  • Useful Time Management Series 00:02:41
  • Learning How To Overcome Self-Sabotage 00:04:15
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • 1033 Students
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  • Ron Galien
    Ron Galien
    Great review of the current academic understanding of the topic, coupled with practical tips.
  • Emily Chheang
    Emily Chheang
    Instructor is very thorough and knowledgeable, his teaching style is grounded and down to earth.
  • Jun Gu
    Jun Gu
    Just the information I needed. I feel more confident and also know that I am on the right track.
  • Patrycja Amrozinska-kasiak
    Patrycja Amrozinska-kasiak
    Ausum course
  • Ginette Hannan
    Ginette Hannan
    Well job by Gurukol
  • Amy Edmonds
    Amy Edmonds
    It is very clear and practical
  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel
    So far very I interesting
  • Susana A
    Susana A
    That is amazing course, thank you.
  • Cheryl Denise
    Cheryl Denise
    It had everything I have been looking for and more, you yourself have been such a wonderful example
  • James Mettler
    James Mettler
    This course helped me a lot
  • Todd Reirden
    Todd Reirden
    I think this course is wonderful. The Instructor, explains the concepts with a lot of real life examples, super interesting. I will have to practise those techniques in life. Thank you!
  • Mehrad Sayyar
    Mehrad Sayyar
    Content is excellent and also the person explaining in a very soft and simple way which makes this course more easy to understand.Great work and keep it up ;)
  • Treasa Morris
    Treasa Morris
    This course is worth it's weight in gold especially when you are shown a hack to see everyones job proposals on freelancer. For that alone I would highly reccommend any new freelancers to buy this course.
  • Faustino Herrera
    Faustino Herrera
  • Trevor Cobb
    Trevor Cobb
    very nice course !! very well constructed !!
  • Hattan Abushal
    Hattan Abushal
    good work by the team !!
  • Yukiko Sakuta
    Yukiko Sakuta
    By this i can find the reason to grrom myself in terms of performance..Kudos to the team!!!!!
  • Jenny Daigle
    Jenny Daigle
    This Instructor takes a very different approach to teaching confidence and self-worth.
  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans
    This is an amazing experience!!!!! THANK YOU!!! It was very helpfull
  • Judith Molnar
    Judith Molnar
    Got a good idea of Big 5 ! gave a direction to begin my learning
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