Reprogram Your Mind For Success

Problems! What Problems, they are part of our life. You have to be prepared and win over it, not run away from problems. Taking control over your actions and fear is half battle won. Reprogramming your mind is not easy. You need to unlearn and relearn your inner self. Reprogram your mind for success and learn the methods and techniques of winning over problems and fear; enroll in the online course.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • Goals Reveal Your Objectives and Empower You to Achieve
  • Best Practices When Adopting a Success Mindset

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 00:52:57 Hours
Reprogram Your Mind For Success
12 Lessons 00:52:57 Hours
  • Introduction 00:02:45
  • Do a Mental Detox Before You Seek to Adopt a Success 00:14:24
  • Assume That You Can Change 00:03:44
  • Failure is Not to be Feared, But Prepared For 00:05:22
  • Goals Reveal Your Objectives and Empower You to Achieve 00:07:04
  • Actively Take Control 00:04:01
  • Decide After Enough Deliberation and Stick to it 00:03:34
  • Believe that You Don't Know Everything About Goals and Must Learn More 00:02:21
  • Believe and Act Like There is Always a Way Through Any Problem 00:02:56
  • Successful People Relish Calculated Risks 00:02:34
  • 10 Best Practices When Adopting a Success Mindset 00:03:31
  • Conclusion 00:00:41
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Team Gurukol
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  • Luis Enrique
    Luis Enrique
    I am happy to take this course as it provide me very useful information and you explained the course really well.
  • Kenneth A
    Kenneth A
    Nice course. Short, clear n crisp. Couldn't believe all these techniques can be summarized in a two hours training. Beautifully structured and articulated
  • Aleli Tirados
    Aleli Tirados
    most successful people share a range of mindsets that enable them to maintain their success habits this course will you with some insights in thias aarea
  • Timothy Acreman
    Timothy Acreman
    very nice content and presentation
  • Megat Amirul
    Megat Amirul
    greta course
  • Jennifer Sudhu
    Jennifer Sudhu
    amazing efforts !!
  • Magdalene Lopez
    Magdalene Lopez
    the coach is very knowledgable and experinced !!
  • Janet Spaulding
    Janet Spaulding
    Experienced Instructor. Perfect for newbies. It could be bit fast.
  • Gabriel Orozco
    Gabriel Orozco
    I will recommend your course to my friends. Thanks.
  • Alison Vander
    Alison Vander
    Good information helpful tips so far, on how to be more productive. Good course for the beginner.
  • Lydia Palmese
    Lydia Palmese
    This is to testify that the training was amazing as Instructor delivered all necessary tips required. Look forward soon to register for other trainings
  • Genesis Anderson
    Genesis Anderson
    It was really great training with clear demonstration of the real time scenarios, keeps us engaging through out the session .Thanks a lot for all the content shared with us.
  • Kishore Rajkumar
    Kishore Rajkumar
    Well, I'm not actually a manager in a factory or plant, but it do introduced and taught me the ideas of how to approach our team better, how to drive people perform better and how to improve the processes. A great course to take.
  • Chenoal Waller
    Chenoal Waller
    It was perfect for me as I work evenings and weekends,so I could work on it whenever I had a free minute.
  • Treasa Anderson
    Treasa Anderson
    I thoroughly enjoyed this training. it is very useful and practical.I would recommend this to anyone interested in being equipped with managerial skills.
  • Todd Revious
    Todd Revious
    Amazing tips for improving and refreshing the Leadership and management Skills.
  • Ginette Hannan
    Ginette Hannan
    Instructor does an amazing job of taking an overview of everything a new manager would have to face, and gives practical ways to approach all of them. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
  • Bryant Watson
    Bryant Watson
    I learned many techniques and ways of working with people, e.g. reflective listening. Now I see the work of my managers differently. I know how to apply problem solving methods at work. The course leader presented the material very well. I know I have many things to learn, but now I can see what to focus my attention on.
  • Soraia Lemos
    Soraia Lemos
    It was wonderful session and i had a very good time in learning , i really appreciate and recommend to my friends both personal and official. Hat's Off to your work and dedication in providing this awesome lecture on Management Skill. !!!
  • Trenell Thomas
    Trenell Thomas
    A great introduction to the key management skills. The course gave me a practical toolbox I can use with my team - and a much needed boost to my self-confidence!I'd definitely recommend the course to new or aspiring managers.
  • Treena Rogers
    Treena Rogers
    As a new manager, I learned more in this course about management than I did in my master's on management. Thank you for all the valuable information and for delivering it in a down to earth, easy way to understand!!!
  • Bence Baji
    Bence Baji
    brilliant work by the team
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