Rise Success Ladder - Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Mastery Part 2

Speaking at Public forums is a very important skill for fulfilment . This course will give students speech making skills, including in-depth information on developing an attractive program

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Created by Parvati Devadideva Last updated Thu, 04-Mar-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Identify their audience
  • Create a basic outline
  • Organize their ideas
  • Flesh out their presentation
  • Find the right words
  • Prepare all the details
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Deliver a polished, professional speech
  • Handle questions and comments effectively

  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • No prerequisites needed
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.

According to a 1973 inspection by the Sunday Times of London, 41 percent of individuals list speaking as their biggest fear. Fail to remember small spaces, darkness, and spiders; standing up before a crowd and talking is much more terrifying for many people. Students will become more confident and relaxed before an audience, translating into a successful speaking event through this course.

However, mastering this fear and getting comfortable talking publicly is a good ego booster, not to mention an enormous benefit to your career. The general public speaking lessons will give students basic address skills, including in-depth information on developing an interesting program and delivering their presentation with power.

Who this course is for
  • Expand their skills
  • The ideal candidates for this course are the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.

Curriculum for this course
47 Lessons 01:07:19 Hours
3 Lessons 00:01:45 Hours
  • Introduction part1 00:00:33
  • Introduction part2 00:00:37
  • Aims of Workshop 00:00:35
  • Understanding your Audience 00:00:52
  • Enacting a Needs Analysis 00:01:53
  • Making an Audience Portfolio 00:02:30
  • Spotting Important Questions and Concerns 00:01:49
  • Making a Primary Outline 00:00:57
  • Highlighting the Situation 00:01:48
  • What task is to be performed ? 00:01:45
  • Listing of Performed Actions 00:02:00
  • Disclosing the Results 00:02:03
  • Setting up the Program 00:01:07
  • How to make Organization Easy ? 00:02:19
  • Organizational Processes 00:02:11
  • Understanding - Classifying and Categorising 00:02:27
  • Expanding 00:01:12
  • Understanding - Appropriate Sources 00:02:00
  • Creating Credibility 00:02:24
  • Why Citations are Important ? 00:02:00
  • Gathering it All 00:01:11
  • Presentation Writing 00:01:56
  • Plan B Addition 00:02:13
  • Evaluating Editing and Rewriting 00:02:15
  • Getting Prepared 00:01:18
  • Inspecting the Venue 00:02:30
  • Accumulating Materials 00:02:06
  • Making a 24 Hour Checklist 00:00:40
  • Mastering Nervousness 00:01:12
  • Boss Visits 00:01:46
  • Mental Preparation 00:01:54
  • Physical Relaxation Techniques 00:00:43
  • Confidence 00:01:31
  • Speech Deliverance I 00:00:41
  • Stepping the Right Foot First 00:02:10
  • Visual Aids 00:02:16
  • Voice Volume Check 00:01:35
  • Speech Deliverance 2 00:00:32
  • Adjusting on the Fly 00:00:52
  • Understanding - Gauging Whether Breaks are Required 00:00:37
  • Understanding - Wrapping Up and Winding Down 00:00:33
  • Understanding - Questions and Answers 00:00:50
  • Ground Rules 00:00:45
  • Answering Questions That Sound Like an Attack 00:00:42
  • Dealing with Complex Questions 00:00:43
  • Wise words 00:00:27
  • Conclusion 00:00:19
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    Fri, 06-Nov-2020
    Sony Martin
    This was amazing. I love all Instructors. I would definitely sign up for another course with Gurukol
  • reviewer-img
    Wed, 11-Nov-2020
    Anastasiia Prytuliak
    I will recommend your course to my friends. Thanks.
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 13-Nov-2020
    Trever Lyons
    this course was really good and helpful thanks alot
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 19-Nov-2020
    Santhosh Kumar
    Very positive and motivational words! Definitely worth your time!
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 20-Nov-2020
    Aleli Tirados
    WOW!!! this actually amazing i feel so good about it and i can't even close the videos i want to know more and more.
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 28-Nov-2020
    Nathan Mckenzie
    Yes it was a good match for me
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 30-Nov-2020
    Fan Huiyun
    This Instructor takes a very different approach to teaching confidence and self-worth.
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 01-Dec-2020
    Miro Jelaska
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 03-Dec-2020
    Othman Benchekroun
    The bits were the authors cites examples and explains everything very clearly is remarkable. Thank you.
  • reviewer-img
    Sun, 06-Dec-2020
    Guillaume Raynaud
    I am a much older woman finding it difficult to remember details of my work. I have to write everything down, my memory is not that good anymore... THIS is going to help me and save so much of my time!
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 14-Dec-2020
    Abhinav Bhardwaj
    I would definitely sign up for another course with Gurukol
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 21-Dec-2020
    Teresa Reed
    By this i can find the reason to groom myself in terms of performance..Kudos to the team!!!!!
  • reviewer-img
    Wed, 23-Dec-2020
    Bill Jenkins
    Fantastic course. Highly recommended. Instructor is genuine and so generous in giving his knowledge. Love his spirit of giving and cheerfulness in helping people with authentic happiness.
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 29-Dec-2020
    Anusch Arezki
    The content of this course is well structured. It shares valuable advice and guidelines to help one better understand themselves, find their purpose and passions, and create a life that is more meaningful and happy. I feel that this short course is a great starting point to motivate yourself, and build a good foundation and understanding of what you want to achieve, before even looking at starting the diploma or higher academic courses here on Gurukol.
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 01-Jan-2021
    Richard Schoepfer
    I really enjoyed the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to.
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 04-Jan-2021
    Dr. Neelam
    The course is actually good as a starting point for beginners ,it's very explanatory ,thank u for the efforts.
  • reviewer-img
    Sun, 10-Jan-2021
    Trena Richard
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 18-Jan-2021
    Trevione Simley
    Instructor is wonderful. He did a great job on this course and I was engaged throughout. Thank you!
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 21-Jan-2021
    Nelluri Mounika
    A bit of slow start for me, but I really enjoyed the last 2 main sections, worth sticking with it all.
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 22-Jan-2021
    Arturo Moreno
    This course is to the point and I can practice right away because this video is like guidance step by step what to do
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