Rise Success Ladder - Skills As A Strategic Planner

Create strategic plans to develop and add value to a corporation

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What will i learn?
  • Understand and prepare for the strategic planning process
  • Making informed and careful decisions
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Proper execution of a plan
  • Risk management 
  • Achieving organization’s goals

  • No requirements anyone can take this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
  • No prerequisites needed
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Planning and Management skills in candidates are always admired by any organization, especially those addressing events and fieldwork. The Strategic Planning Skills course offered by Gurukol provides students with a whole orientate, enhancing their ability to effectively strategize and plan, addressing topics like Initiating, Developing, and Executing the Strategic Planning Process. Users are given real-life examples and practical guidelines on the way to execute a strategic plan.

This course is usually recommended for users who wish to carry management positions in the future. This course can help organizations plan and execute strategies required for their development and provide you with the abilities necessary to develop a transparent understanding of your organization's current and desired state, its operations, and market position.

The course overview contains the subsequent areas of learning-

Preparing for the Strategic Planning Process

Initiating the Strategic Planning Process

Developing the Strategic Plan

Executing the Plan

Understand how to develop a mission and vision statement for your company afterward, gathering the data that influences your business, from operational data to assess internal and external factors.

Who this course is for:

Any organization's Management Officials.

Organizations looking forward to improving their current state within the market

Who this course is for
  • Anyone who has a internet connection and computer access
  • Expand their skills
  • Seek Education and Knowledge
  • Students for this course can also be the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals

Curriculum for this course
87 Lessons 01:51:28 Hours
Rise Success ladder
19 Lessons 00:37:13 Hours
  • Course Introduction Part-1 00:01:20
  • Course Introduction Part-2 00:01:51
  • Getting ready for Strategic Planning Process 00:01:07
  • Parameter Setting 00:02:15
  • Introductory Planning Phase 00:03:25
  • Who is the Stakeholder? 00:01:53
  • True Events 00:02:41
  • Setting Parameters - Strategically Planning Processes 00:03:24
  • Setting the Parameters for a Strategic Plan - Assessment Activity 00:00:59
  • Creating a Committee 00:00:22
  • Committee for Strategic Planning 00:02:51
  • Committee Establishment 00:01:49
  • Assessment Activity - Committee Establishment 00:00:43
  • Operational Data Accumulation - True Event Part-1 00:01:56
  • Operational Data Accumulation - True Event Part-2 00:03:01
  • Gathering Operational Data 00:02:25
  • Assessment Activity - Gathering Operational Data 00:00:34
  • Constructive Questions 00:00:56
  • Lesson Overview 00:03:41
  • Assessment Activity - Creating a Vision Statement 00:00:36
  • Lesson Overview 00:02:31
  • Constructive Questions 00:00:43
  • Assessment Activity - Conducting SWOT Analysis 00:01:37
  • How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis? 00:01:10
  • Conducting SWOT Analysis Part-2 00:00:29
  • Conducting SWOT Analysis Part-1 00:01:00
  • How to Assess Internal or External Environments? Part-2 00:00:56
  • How to Assess Internal or External Environments? Part-1 00:01:34
  • Understanding the Trend Part-2 00:02:39
  • Understanding the Trend Part-1 00:01:28
  • Scanning the Environmental Part-2 00:02:01
  • Scanning the Environmental Part-1 00:01:28
  • Internal and External Environments Assessment 00:00:24
  • Starting the Strategic Planning Process 00:01:06
  • How to create a Vision Statement 00:01:13
  • Initiating a Vision Statement Part-2 00:02:25
  • Initiating a Vision Statement Part-1 00:01:08
  • Assessment Activity - Developing a Mission Statement 00:01:12
  • Developing a Mission Statement Part-2 00:00:41
  • Developing a Mission Statement Part-1 00:01:20
  • Mission goals - True Event 00:03:19
  • Core Achievements 00:01:34
  • Mission Goals 00:01:52
  • Initiating a Mission Statement Part-3 00:00:28
  • Initiating a Mission Statement Part-2 00:00:05
  • Initiating a Mission Statement Part-1 00:00:05
  • Introducing - Plan for Achieving Goals Part-1 00:00:33
  • Lesson Overview 00:03:00
  • Constructive Questions 00:00:41
  • Assessment Activity - Drafting the Strategic Plan 00:00:57
  • Guidelines for Drafting the Strategic Plan 00:01:21
  • Administrative Summary Part-2 00:00:05
  • Administrative Summary Part-1 00:00:57
  • Strategic Plan Drafting 00:00:28
  • Introducing - Plan for Achieving Goals Part-3 00:00:27
  • Introducing - Plan for Achieving Goals Part-2 00:01:17
  • Creating a Strategic Plan 00:00:32
  • Assessment Activity - Fixed Goals and Objectives 00:00:37
  • Guidelines for Fixed Goals and Objectives 00:00:55
  • Levels of Objectives Part-2 00:02:05
  • Levels of Objectives Part-1 00:01:00
  • Understanding - SMART Goals 00:01:11
  • Developed - Goals and Objectives 00:00:23
  • Importance of What the Strategic Plan Will Address Part-2 00:01:28
  • Importance of What the Strategic Plan Will Address Part-1 00:01:02
  • Plan Execution 00:00:43
  • Giving Responsibility and Authority 00:00:21
  • Understanding - Accountability 00:01:39
  • Planned Alignment Part-1 00:01:39
  • Planned Alignment Part-2 00:00:00
  • Learning How to allocate Responsibility and Authority Part-1 00:01:39
  • Learning How to allocate Responsibility and Authority Part-2 00:00:45
  • Assessment Activity - Allocating Responsibility for the Strategic Plan 00:00:45
  • Creating a Monitoring System Part-1 00:01:44
  • Creating a Monitoring System Part-2 00:01:09
  • Creating a Monitoring System Part-3 00:01:12
  • Assessment Activity - Creating a Monitoring System 00:00:44
  • Constructive Questions 00:00:32
  • Lesson Overview 00:01:52
  • Course Conclusion Part-1 00:04:28
  • Course Conclusion Part-2 00:00:30
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  • Trevor Driver
    Trevor Driver
    Easily and clearly explained. I feel I can follow it at my own pace
  • Samir Sawant
    Samir Sawant
    I had a really great experience and I have learnt really valuable information
  • Tremaine Rather
    Tremaine Rather
    a great overview of essential oils and how to work with them; everything is very clear and well explained
  • M Ashwin
    M Ashwin
    I received lots of information and lots of useful strategies
  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee
    Amazing experience..The way the course has been presented, it gave us better insight of coaching skills. Will love to gain advance form of coaching skills..
  • Bogdan Bughiu
    Bogdan Bughiu
    very helpful information and slides Thank you
  • Kellie Stone
    Kellie Stone
    So far, this is following what I understand about the password process. Good resource links.
  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis
    I had a really great experience and I have learnt really valuable information
  • Tatiana Machado-griffin
    Tatiana Machado-griffin
    I liked the worksheets,who helps me alot thanks
  • Treasa Jones
    Treasa Jones
  • Travis Regensburger
    Travis Regensburger
    Instructor is a great teacher. His stories and focus on taking responsibility for ones life is motivating and effective. I have taken several courses on self confidence and this courses is miles a head of other courses.
  • Nancy Rosas
    Nancy Rosas
    Great training, very much recommended!
  • Guillaume Raynaud
    Guillaume Raynaud
    Wonderful, Its inspired and motivational speech has great benefits
  • Rob England
    Rob England
    Great course, I gained a lot of insight in the topic! Totally recommendable!
  • Paola Largaespada
    Paola Largaespada
    My personal experience during this course is that to a certain extent I tried to visualise myself as a client & tried to figure out my thought & beliefs which were wrong & which were correct. I did all my practice activities.
  • Yolanda A
    Yolanda A
    This course is ideal and very enlightening. Being a good listener helps to maintain positive and trusting relationships. Being a good and active listener is a great characteristic.
  • Laurie Nicholson
    Laurie Nicholson
    There were a lot of interesting ideas in this course about keeping our brain fresh and I also learnt some useful things about procrastination too.
  • Anand Sundarrajan
    Anand Sundarrajan
    Excellent teacher, Explains with his own experience, which made me think like, Oh yeah I have gone through these phases of negotiations in my day to day life. Go for it.
  • Trellis Johnson
    Trellis Johnson
    I had a really great experience and I have learnt really valuable information very helpful
  • Gabriela Morales
    Gabriela Morales
    It was really a great overall session , I learned a lot from this.AMAZING
  • Ashish Jagannath
    Ashish Jagannath
    This course had awakened me to my higher calling and purpose. Thank you.GURUKOL
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