Safety First A Practice (Keeping Place Safe) Part 3

Our Safety within the Workplace course are going to be instrumental in reviewing common hazards, safety techniques

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What will i learn?
  • Define workplace safety
  • Understand legal responsibilities associated with a safe work environment
  • Create a safety plan and identify hazards
  • Recognize the role of management
  • Develop training procedures
  • Learn how to implement a safety plan

  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • There is no essential requirement for this course
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Living & working place safety is the responsibility of everyone in a company. Companies have legal obligations to satisfy certain safety requirements, but many go further than the minimum obligations. Safety standards and procedures must be put in situand everybody must follow the standards so as for them to be effective.

Our safety course will be instrumental in reviewing common hazards and safety techniques. After completion, students will have the tools to create a security policy for your workplace. By identifying and anticipating hazards, employers can prevent injuries and keep employees safe.

Who this course is for
  • Expand their skills
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life

Curriculum for this course
11 Lessons 00:30:56 Hours
1 Lessons 00:01:02 Hours
  • Introduction 00:01:02
  • Outline 00:03:06
  • Hazards Types 00:04:52
  • Role of the Manager 00:02:49
  • Understanding - Training 00:03:50
  • Understanding - Stress Management 00:03:17
  • Violence in Workplace 00:03:39
  • Understanding - Company and its Hazards 00:02:00
  • Substance Abuse 00:03:06
  • Drafting the Safety Plan 00:01:34
  • Applying the Plan 00:01:41
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  • Magda Dajer
    Magda Dajer
  • Tim Reed
    Tim Reed
    Amzingly defined course..
  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar
  • Susan Rady
    Susan Rady
    I feel more confident and also know that I am on the right track.
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith
    Just the information I needed.
  • Kamal Ouriarhli
    Kamal Ouriarhli
    This was amazing. I love all Instructors. I would definitely sign up for another course with Gurukol
  • Paul Pitts
    Paul Pitts
    Yes, It is a very good course and I have gained a lot of insights. Will try putting it to practice.
  • Bruce Drennen
    Bruce Drennen
    Great job Coach!
  • Monika Furman
    Monika Furman
  • Janet Spaulding
    Janet Spaulding
    Absolute amazing course.. Really happy to have this and i would recommend you all for this.. Great work
  • Lukas Siradze
    Lukas Siradze
    Looking forward to buy more now.
  • Tremayne Howard
    Tremayne Howard
    Well done Gurukol. Such an amazing course!!!!
  • Kim Winsey
    Kim Winsey
    The course is fantastic !!! The best Instructor on Gurukol! Take any of his courses a great VALUE!
  • Anand Sundarrajan
    Anand Sundarrajan
    I must say that I just completed today one of the best courses at gurukol.
  • Rhema Joy
    Rhema Joy
    The lecture was comprehensive and provides its listeners with detailed guidance
  • Nunah Harb
    Nunah Harb
    Very positive and motivational words! Definitely worth your time!
  • Ann Fenney
    Ann Fenney
    the content of the course is not really my cup of tea but the Instructor is very passionate and determined
  • Charles Norman
    Charles Norman
    I will recommend your course to my friends. Thanks.
Safety First A Practice (Keeping Place Safe) Part 3

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