Social Skills: Millennials Differing Opinions

Understand the varied generations motivation and addressing them on a usual

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What will i learn?
  • History behind generation gaps
  • What are traditionalists
  • What are baby boomers
  • What are Generation Xers
  • What are Generation Yers
  • Differences between each type of generation
  • Finding common ground among the generations
  • Conflict management
  • Leveraging the benefits of generation gaps at work

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  • Anyone can attend this course.
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While having various cultures in one enterprise can present communication problems and conflicts, the advantages of such a range within the workplace outweigh it. The enterprise can present challenges to management in terms of handling the various generations present. As older workers late retiring and younger workers enter the workforce, the work surroundings have become a patchwork of varying outlook and experiences, all valuable to mention the smallest amount.

This course will help students understand the assorted generations present at work, understand what motivates them, and address them daily. Both the young and older workers will have many ideas to supplyhelping the organization thrive within the marketplace. Learning a way to accommodate the Generation Gaps at work will help you become a more robust manager or co-worker.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:45:38 Hours
12 Lessons 01:45:38 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:50
  • History 00:10:59
  • Traditionalist 00:09:34
  • Baby Boomers 00:09:54
  • Generation X 00:10:24
  • Generation Y 00:11:31
  • Differentiations Between 00:11:57
  • Finding Common Ground 00:10:05
  • Conflict Management I 00:09:59
  • Conflict Management II 00:09:24
  • The Power of 4 00:08:59
  • Wrapping Up 00:01:02
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  • Elena Kostovska
    Elena Kostovska
    I think it was a good fit. I have managed millennials and other generations and love the mixing of knowledge and skills. The instructor gave some great ideas especially the conversation guide.
  • Bibiana Demcak
    Bibiana Demcak
  • Deepak R
    Deepak R
    The information was good, but unfortunately repeated the same information over and over
  • Marketing Sales
    Marketing Sales
    The productivity machine course helps me how to become productive and how to overcome pitfalls. Thank you for giving us the mindset, techniques, and strategies on how to become productive for the sales. This helps me a lot.
  • Judith Molnar
    Judith Molnar
    Yes it was a good match for me,. The course teaches theories on how to manage or deal with it. If you are not familiar with the subject you will get some helpful information on how to help someone personally, or to become a counselor to addicted clients.
  • Tiffany Reece
    Tiffany Reece
    Really enjoyed the course especially the background explanation of why you should or should not be doing something.
  • Trevor Bowe
    Trevor Bowe
    It is very informative course on body language. I learned many new things. Thank you!
  • Seantrell Smith
    Seantrell Smith
  • Anthony Trejo
    Anthony Trejo
  • Richard Schoepfer
    Richard Schoepfer
    this is a great course to help you deal with conflict. I have not tried it yet, but the steps and information is valuable.. I hope it works.
  • Robert Wiley
    Robert Wiley
    thank you so much for this course you just changee my life for ever thank you
  • Anthony John
    Anthony John
    I learnt a lot about myself by doing the exercises in the program. The Instructors captivated my interest in the course through their explanations on all topics. I feel very knowledgeable , empowered and ready to start my life purpose coach journey. Thank you.
  • Trey Smith
    Trey Smith
    I wasn’t sure what to expect - it was a lot shorter than I thought but easy to follow
  • Taufiqotul Faidah
    Taufiqotul Faidah
    This course challenge me to learn my limitations on coaching. I loved the format in which the coaching documentation was laid out. I wish I had completed this course prior to some of the other ones I took.
  • Tremellle Baker
    Tremellle Baker
    This is an amazing experience!!!!! THANK YOU!!! It was very helpfull,Very informative and helpful. I am looking forward to more sessions. Thank you so much.
  • Trevor Champion
    Trevor Champion
    Really enjoyed this course. Lots of fantastic information and really like the way Instructor delivers the course material
  • Trisha Reiter
    Trisha Reiter
    Really good course. It summarizes lots of content from leadership books in a easy to follow way. A nice course to someone that has just started learning about leadership.
  • Kaisa Andersen
    Kaisa Andersen
    There were some good practical tips during this course, but overall, most of the lessons were already known for me.
  • Danet Leon
    Danet Leon
    I will definatley recommeded to others for sure as it helps me a lot
  • Trevis Baudoin
    Trevis Baudoin
    really good course who helped me a lot as this course expalines a very well
Social Skills: Millennials Differing Opinions

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