Strategies To Communicate As A Person

The communication strategies define the success factor for each individual. This course will help students to know various communication methods and how to form the foremost of them.

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What will i learn?
  • Understand what communication is
  • Identify ways that communication can happen
  • Identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Develop their non-verbal and paraverbal communication skills
  • Use the STAR method to speak on the spot
  • Listen actively and effectively
  • Ask good questions
  • Use appreciative inquiry as a communication tool
  • Adeptly converse and network with others
  • Identify and mitigate precipitating factors
  • Establish common ground with others
  • Use “I” messages

  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
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 For the higher part of daily, we are communicating to and with others. Whether it is the speech you deliver within the boardroom, the amount of attention you give your spouse once they are reprovable you, or the design you give the cat, it all means something.

The communication strategies define the success factor for each individual. This course will help students to know various communication methods and form the foremost of every one of them. These strategies will provide benefit for any organization and its employees. They're going to trickle down throughout the organization and positively impact everyone involved.

Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Expand their skills

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:10:36 Hours
12 Lessons 01:10:36 Hours
  • Getting Started 00:01:27
  • The Big Picture 00:05:35
  • Understanding Communication Barriers 00:08:48
  • Para verbal Communication Skills 00:06:07
  • Non Verbal Communication 00:07:14
  • Speaking Like a STAR 00:05:57
  • Listening Skills 00:07:30
  • Asking Good Questions 00:07:11
  • Appreciative Inquiry 00:05:01
  • Mastering the Art of Conversation 00:07:43
  • Advanced Communication Skills 00:07:18
  • Wrapping Up 00:00:45
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Team Gurukol
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  • Daniel Ontiveros
    Daniel Ontiveros
    This is a good match for me. Some content is a validation of my earlier learnings and some are new ways to tackle the issues. Thanks!
  • Punitha A
    Punitha A
  • Masanori Matsue
    Masanori Matsue
    Good course that gives a good breakdown of how to tell effective stories with a focus on social contexts rather than educational or business contexts
  • Zeiad Sarah
    Zeiad Sarah
    I would like to see less talking and more examples of coaching sessions. A lot of good information , but I believe it will be more practical personally for me to understand if you could add some short sessions.thanks
  • Carol Venerable
    Carol Venerable
    Amazing as always. Both the Instructors are incredible coaches and Instructors. I appreciate their worksheets, the or client vs coaching teaching & their authenticity
  • Tregg Hartshorn
    Tregg Hartshorn
    Indeed it was. Awesome course. Instructor energy flows through the laptop screen and hits you. :)
  • Ted Reaves
    Ted Reaves
    I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot about focus, its limitations and how to improve it. Learning more about flow was a wonderful surprise. I also had a lot fun with the course that was more than I was expecting.
  • Jeremy White
    Jeremy White
    Stating the obvious points But important to reinforce.Some very important tips in planing presentations.
  • Trevis Berry
    Trevis Berry
    the content of the course is not really my cup of tea but the Instructor is very passionate and determined
  • Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez
    a very deeply explained each and everythinh Thank you Gurukol
  • Alexis Anderton
    Alexis Anderton
    This is a very detailed and well explained course. I leant a lot from this course and it deserves a 5 Star. Highly Recommended
  • Imran Khakoo
    Imran Khakoo
    Fantastic course, such glorious information with a little extra to encourage you to dive right in - look forward to the next level!
  • Guadalupe Carreon
    Guadalupe Carreon
    Having crossed halfway of my course I could identify small gaps within my behavior and I'm able to understand how to work on that. The assertive body language content is very good and it has helped me how to bring a change in my body language to show more confident and remain calm.
  • Adelson Luis
    Adelson Luis
  • Stephen Barnard
    Stephen Barnard
    I am really enjoying this course. It is exactly what I need. He explains things very clearly, and in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Still loving it...Awesome!!!!
  • Elizabeth Aldana
    Elizabeth Aldana
  • Zubair Shah
    Zubair Shah
    it is a fundamental course for as a manager; I have learnt principles of decision making, problem solving & critical thinking . The Instructor is very elaborative with good examples that aid her explanations. Now I understand the Halo effect and how it works and confirmation bias as well. Great teaching.
  • Trevia Spaulding
    Trevia Spaulding
    Excellent training and information. Speaker engaging, well-informed. Great introduction to becoming trained for Disaster Relief.
  • Adam Zamani
    Adam Zamani
    WOW! A lot of Important information presented in a concise manner.
Strategies To Communicate As A Person

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