The Green Smoothie Cleanse Online Course

Reclaim your energy. Gain energy by eliminating food sensitivities, restoring gut health, and balancing hormones. The Green Smoothie Cleanse Online Course will teach you how to create delicious green smoothies that give you tons of energy and keep hunger at bay. Click here for more information.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • Before We Begin The Downsides and Dangers
  • How To Make The Perfect Smoothie
  • Tips For Getting More From Your Smoothies
  • Fitting Smoothies Into Your Routine
  • Energy and Defense Smoothies
  • Energy and Defense Smoothies
  • Sleep Aid, Digestive and Hangover Smoothies

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 01:05:43 Hours
Green Smoothie Cleanse
10 Lessons 01:05:43 Hours
  • How Smoothies Can Transform 00:12:22
  • Before We Begin The Downsides and Dangers 00:05:22
  • How To Make The Perfect Smoothie 00:06:01
  • Tips For Getting More From Your Smoothies 00:01:45
  • Fitting Smoothies Into Your Routine 00:06:39
  • Energy and Defense Smoothies 00:10:04
  • Energy and Defense Smoothies 00:06:16
  • Sleep Aid, Digestive and Hangover Smoothies 00:09:52
  • Weight Loss, Muscle Building and Performance Smoothies 00:05:35
  • Conclusions 00:01:47
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • 65%
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  • Kristen L
    Kristen L
    in this course, you will get everything you need to boost nutrients and improve your health extremely quickly. Thanks gurukol for this very informative course
  • Tremayne Mckenzie
    Tremayne Mckenzie
    this course deal with a lot of aspects that can make us healthy and fit and makes our lives better !!
  • Theresa Prater
    Theresa Prater
    from fitness to a healthy lifestyle, everything is just perfectly covered in the course !! No words ca describe its perfection
  • Kristeen Maldonado
    Kristeen Maldonado
    Yes it was a good match
  • Igor K
    Igor K
    Learnt so much from this course and enjoyed it! Thank you so much, I 100{}ecommend this course!
  • Douglas Swanson
    Douglas Swanson
    The course is ok. Some interesting points that I will implement. However, I was unable to access some of the resources offered on this course, such as the book recommendations. The link took me to a class sign up page. I'm not interested in that information. That's been a little disappointing.
  • Man Dai
    Man Dai
    This course, like so many other skills that are not taught in school-personal finance, decision making or even typing, is revolutionary. These are the skills -real, applicable life-skills- that we should be taught and be teaching our kids. If you want to improve yourself, your life and your community, take this course...now! Thank you for putting this together.
  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis
    amazing course and the whole course , the voice, the video part everything was amazing and its easier for us to understand better!!
  • Kumar Chakravarti
    Kumar Chakravarti
  • Ted Reaves
    Ted Reaves
    the course is meant for the individuals who have a dedication for their health and have some goal towrds life !!!
  • Cynthia Tan
    Cynthia Tan
    Definitely diagnosed some of the problem areas that have gotten in my way and gave clear, practical strategies for overcoming them, but almost as importantly repeatedly made the point to not be such a zealot that any shortfall condemns/abandons the whole endeavor is using too-strong expectations as our excuse for the weakness of quitting. It was an interesting example of how we fool ourselves with rationalizations more convenient to what we subconsciously want, ease, than to the uneasy effort for a required period of time to achieve the things we consciously *want* to want.
  • Luann Graber
    Luann Graber
    The course is interesting and informative. I will be able to use the information I've learned at work as well as in my personal life.
  • Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez
    Learnt a lot and the steps mentioned are easy enough to make me start on the right direction. The module for Deep work was missing audio.
  • Elizabeth Aldana
    Elizabeth Aldana
    The program is amazing, clear, to the point, zero fluff, understandable. The resources come in handy and are very detailed.By very far, the best course I've ever taken.
  • Imran Waheed
    Imran Waheed
    The content is good. However, there are things that are repetitive and generally make the course longer than it should be. On the other hand, I suggest reviewing the subtitles in some videos since they do not transcribe what is really being said
  • Suresh R
    Suresh R
    A lot of learnings and realization in this course.The secret pillars of productivity (priorities, focus, environment and daily rituals), the reasons to have the results we want (clarity, decision and boundaries) and the top performance activities.I love the discussion of SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time bound as this concept serve as guiding principles in setting our goals that we wanted to achieve.The further discussion on each secret pillars of productivity are really interesting and offers good results. I like the five elements under the daily rituals such as physical, nutrition, mental, growth and gratitude.Discussion on how to break bad habits are also promising including the top strategies in accelerating changes.The course itself is awesome as you can do it piece by piece or module by module. It can also re-access unlimitedly. There were about 2-3 videos that are muted, I hope Gurukol could fix it.I commend the Instructor for giving us a wonderful insights and guidance on how we would be able to break our bad habits and eventually be more productive than we were before.
  • M.d. Shanawaz
    M.d. Shanawaz
    Excellent class, with exercises he is applying in the class I fell like already helping/motivating me to change my habits, let me see my full productivity potential.
  • Treena Rogers
    Treena Rogers
    It helps that the speaker give a step by step guide on what action to take.
  • Antonio Alvarado
    Antonio Alvarado
    The name of the course describes it all !!
  • Erica Heredia
    Erica Heredia
    grat course and superb content
  • Jaime Franco
    Jaime Franco
    This was a very interesting course with a lot of insightful information. A lot of the content is easy to achieve on your own and the step by step approach makes sense.
  • Gerardo Isaac
    Gerardo Isaac
    There were too many unrealistic ideas that don't work for a normal work setting - i.e. deleting all emails while you're on vacation, setting a one hour window which is the only time you'll accept phone calls, etc.
  • Tom Reiffers
    Tom Reiffers
    No woords can describe the content quality !! Its pre
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