The Secret To Self Confidence Online Course

Hollow self-esteem only tends to produce impostor syndrome and, worse yet, an entitlement mentality.  Learn Self Confidence secrets to go beyond the threshold of success and excellence.

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Created by Team Gurukol English
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What will i learn?
  • The Real Foundation Of Self-Confidence COMPETENCE
  • Develop Real Self-Confidence Through Competence
  • Setting Your Game Plan For Competence-based Self-Confidence
  • Start With Something You Already Do Well
  • Allow Your Objective Competence To Become A Part Of You
  • Take Ownership Of More Areas Of Your Life

  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • You don’t need any special equipment for this course, just a PC or Mac to watch the videos and a pen to take notes.
Who this course is for
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • While everyone can benefit from the course material.

Curriculum for this course
11 Lessons 00:53:05 Hours
Self Confidence Secrets
11 Lessons 00:53:05 Hours
  • Introduction 00:04:37
  • LET’S GET CLEAR FIRST 00:04:17
  • The Real Foundation Of Self-Confidence COMPETENCE 00:05:11
  • Develop Real Self-Confidence Through Competence 00:06:37
  • Setting Your Game Plan For Competence-based Self-Confidence 00:01:45
  • Start With Something You Already Do Well 00:07:10
  • Allow Your Objective Competence To Become A Part Of You 00:08:28
  • Take Ownership Of More Areas Of Your Life 00:02:10
  • Understand That Self-Confidence Can Be Limitless 00:03:16
  • Make Sure There Is No Disconnect Between Your Internal And External Confidence 00:06:28
About the instructor
Team Gurukol
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  • 1033 Students
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Student feedback

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  • 52%
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  • Abhishek Joshi
    Abhishek Joshi
    Deep down steps we all know to be true, but are so easy to ignore in a woe is me world. I will commit, once again, to start the transition to better self efficacy and continue to work on it instead settling for the status quo
  • Jolene Becerra
    Jolene Becerra
    Was helpful an didnt know at first until explain how we can make our minds think that way an then the cycle becomes habit like weight gain
  • Yolanda A
    Yolanda A
    It was a great course and answered all my questions that I was wondering about. The way of presenting the course The way of presenting the course is touching and at the point.
  • Pedro Aníbal
    Pedro Aníbal
    I like the course. It really helps when someone explains that things take time... And that you should get discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately
  • Alexandre Valensi
    Alexandre Valensi
    There was a lot of focus on weight loss!!Some excellent points came out though.Would be better without the constant music which became distracting.
  • Rob England
    Rob England
    This course is more than I expected.
  • Kim Winsey
    Kim Winsey
    Course is good to have basic understanding about Self-efficacy and how to improve it to achieve your goals.
  • Kathy Carmody
    Kathy Carmody
    Belief myself can do what i want. workhard to make the things happen and work.dont giveup!
  • Mariana Ugalde
    Mariana Ugalde
    I loved the format with the sketching hand. The information was very relatable and explained in clear manner.
  • Tremayne Mckenzie
    Tremayne Mckenzie
    I am realizing that i need to believe more in my abilities to in order to archieve more in life.
  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson
    An essential course for everyone, worth taking, concise and very well delivered!
  • M. Hermiyawan
    M. Hermiyawan
    its been very informative, I learnt quite a bit about self-efficacy and self-esteem and that you are the one who can make these changes.
  • Robert Blake
    Robert Blake
    Excellent and innovative training. The constant change of scenery ans setting kept me involved and constantly learning. Excellent points on building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Soraia Lemos
    Soraia Lemos
    Same stories repeated over and over again disrespects the audience
  • Kiron Alistoun
    Kiron Alistoun
    Great tips and advice, even the ones that may be more common sense and I had thought of and tried to implement prior to this course was able to 1) reinforce that they were valid methods and 2) provide more refined advice to better implement the strategies in daily interactions.
  • Arnold Billones
    Arnold Billones
    It was very good course. Slow tempo but without any unnecessary talks, many examples. Comfort challenges are very good to practice almost every day. I liked a story from ultra-marathon in the desert. Almost every important lesson has a pdf so I can return back to it easily, no need to write it down by myself.
  • Ken Haile
    Ken Haile
    Great. But the course time also includes audio files which are same as the videos. This is the first course I bought from Gurukol and i am very pleasent with it. Thank you.
  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans
    I have learned since taking this course to be able to approach random people and start small talk and be able to gradually carry on with a conversation. I actually had a chance of putting it into practise yesterday for managing my kids rugby league team. I had to find the confidence to speak in front of 10 adults and i was able to maintain eyecontact and speak clearly. abit shaky but i feel the more i speak out the more it will start to feel natural.
  • June Webb
    June Webb
    Nice and definitely a course which increase your confidence...Happy learning!!!
  • Benjamin Østergreen-johansen
    Benjamin Østergreen-johansen
    This is great! The detail I need is included.
  • Otsile Tlhotlhologolo
    Otsile Tlhotlhologolo
    Amazing. After doing so many similar courses, I finally found one that I found to add value and where I felt that the time I invested was worth it.
  • Yukiko Sakuta
    Yukiko Sakuta
    Excellent work and congratulations to the creators. For those still thinking on taking it... take the risk, I did and i'm happy I did.
  • Bilal Qazi
    Bilal Qazi
    I really liked the short and sweet course. This course really covers the fundamentals nicely.
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