Transformational Journey - Self mastery Quest Program

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Created by Carol Moxam Last updated Wed, 03-Feb-2021 English
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Curriculum for this course
17 Lessons 00:26:57 Hours
Week - 1
2 Lessons 00:03:46 Hours
  • Lesson 1 - Choice 00:03:46
  • Activity for Week 1
  • Lesson 2 - Language 00:07:59
  • Activity for Week 2
  • Lesson 3 - Trust 00:04:31
  • Activity for Week 3
  • Lesson 4 - Integrity 00:05:14
  • Activity for Week 4
  • Lesson 5 - Accountability 00:05:27
  • Activity for Week 5
  • Lesson 6 - Ability & Awareness
  • Lesson 7 - Honesty
  • Lesson 8 - Commitment
  • Life is a Special Event E-Book Master
  • Steps for My Client
  • Celebrate YOU
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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Carol; she is experienced coaching professional. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, she helps clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional leadership succes...Read More

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  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 31-Oct-2020
    Sarah Dombroskie
    The knowledge provided about Optimism and pessimism helped me a lot to deal with my daily situations but the style of teaching and delivery of material by the teacher is average.
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 07-Nov-2020
    Treasa Morris
    Learn to stay relaxed and friendly no matter how much tension you’re under. Instead of griping, single out something or someone to praise. When tension or anxiety is present in a room, lower the pitch and tone of your voice, breathe slowly and deeply, sit back and relax your muscles, and respond calmly. All these methods and techniques will gonna help me grow better. A big thanks to the team.
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 12-Nov-2020
    Natalie Piecka
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 19-Nov-2020
    Susan Dicandilo
    Yes, I have to change my mindset, and take the fear of failure out of my mind and just go for it.
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 23-Nov-2020
    Danet Leon
    Yes, this was a very good match for me because it gave me very valuable information about how to solve complex problems while keeping yourslef calm .
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 26-Nov-2020
    Jean-francois Larouche
    This course helps us learn how others feel and consider where they are coming from before criticizing or passing judgment. Even if you can't have feelings for everyone you meet, be certain that you feel with every living thing you encounter. It's the key to positive self-awareness.. So thankful to the creators. Thank you
  • reviewer-img
    Sun, 29-Nov-2020
    Nicoletta Thoma
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 03-Dec-2020
    Treasure Coleman
    This is one of those special courses. I could tell within the first few seconds that I wanted to learn from the Instructor. His advice can be applied in so many different situations. I truly believe that internalizing the values, truths and principles taugh can lead you to achieving a life of greater quality.
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 07-Dec-2020
    Tim Reissmueller
    Good overview about how to manage complex situations and feeling of stress specifically in this pandemic situation.
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 10-Dec-2020
    Brent Coursey
    I have been helped by spending time listening and learning from this course and giving encouragement to myself and someone else also. I can be able to prioritize things now without the fear of being judged by others. This course helped me a lot to enhcance my inner self.
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 24-Dec-2020
    Yolanda Yoli
    I can't wait to try it out and see how adding this habit of what is being taught in this course will make me more productive. Thank you.
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 02-Jan-2021
    Teresa Reicks
    Instructor presented extra information that can be used to enhance our daily life problems and spend a calmed routine.
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 07-Jan-2021
    Trevor Collins
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 08-Jan-2021
    Heidi Mcgowan
    Instructor presented a very in-depth and helpful course forthose wanting to take their inner strength to the next level.
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 11-Jan-2021
    Teri Nicholson
    Instructor approach and vision is well delivered and down to earth. Looking forward to applying these methods in our lives to gain more practice on real life scenarios.
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 16-Jan-2021
    Todd Remmers
    Yes. Full of great information. Excellent education on meditation process.
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