What is MLM - Multi-Level Marketing

With our “Multi-Level Marketing” course, your students will discover the specifics of how multi-level marketing works and how to source agents effectively.

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What will i learn?
  • Know how multi-level marketing works
  • Build contacts
  • Recruit new agents
  • Be familiar with social media and marketing
  • Provide training for recruits

  • There is no essential requirement for this course
  • Anyone can attend this course.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll for this course.
  • No prerequisites needed

Multi-level marketing, also called MLM, could be a business marketing strategy that several companies use to boost current agents to perform while at the identical time growing the team by recruiting and training new agents. This promotion tactic helps boost the company's sales department from the first agent's sales and the agents' sales and profits they need to be recruited.

With our "Multi-Level Marketing" course, students will discover the specifics of how multi-level marketing works and the way to source agents effectively. It can encourage a valuable tool for building revenue and building their marketing and networking circles for several companies.

Who this course is for
  • The ideal candidates for this course are the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals who are looking to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.
  • Every one who wants to enhance life and improve their quality of life
  • Students who want to establish themselves as thorough professionals in their organizations.
  • Students for this course can also be the fresh graduates and inexperienced professionals

Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 01:53:55 Hours
12 Lessons 01:53:55 Hours
  • Module 1 Getting Started 00:01:01
  • Module 2 How Does Multi Level Marketing Work 00:11:06
  • Module 3 Building a Contact List 00:11:41
  • Module 4 Recruiting New Agents 00:11:00
  • Module 5 Recruiting New Agents 00:11:42
  • Module 6 Training MLM Agents 00:10:12
  • Module 7 Sponsorship Mentorship 00:10:36
  • Module 8 Provide Marketing Presentation Training 00:10:54
  • Module 9 Provide Social Media Training 00:11:59
  • Module 10 Provide Training in Recruitment 00:11:21
  • Module 11 Provide Ethics Training 00:11:09
  • Module 12 Wrapping Up 00:01:14
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  • reviewer-img
    Wed, 04-Nov-2020
    Galina Marcus
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 10-Nov-2020
    Jessica Korson
    I loved this course!The graphics are just amazing and it perfectly suits for my way of memorizing things.I think that the most powerful section for me was about habits and how to change them.THank you very much!!!
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 14-Nov-2020
    Trena Richardson
    Instructor is a great teacher. His stories and focus on taking responsibility for ones life is motivating and effective. I have taken several courses on self confidence and this courses is miles a head of other courses.
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 17-Nov-2020
    Tammy Reardon
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 20-Nov-2020
    Cynthia Tan
    This course is so amazing and I am so lucky that I am taking this course at the right time of my life
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 28-Nov-2020
    Jai White
  • reviewer-img
    Thu, 03-Dec-2020
    Cristina Serban
    Great course, not at all what I expected, the course was easy to keep up with, very well broken down sections GREAT Instructor. Thank you!
  • reviewer-img
    Fri, 04-Dec-2020
    Thomas Reinhart
    in this course I have learned about being focused. On development tips..eg.. assess yourself, play to you strength plaining affective. More focus. Building my career..communicating with people, and also with groups. More aware.. .
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 08-Dec-2020
    Karl Corral
    I loved this course as it was clear, easy to apply and added value! An excellent course that should be taken by everyone
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 12-Dec-2020
    Todd Reirden
    This is a great course. It serves as a good reminder to me to reflect my listening skill. I have taken note of your key points and pitfalls.
  • reviewer-img
    Sat, 19-Dec-2020
    Trell Foster
    This course is so amazing and I am so lucky that I am taking this course at the right time of my life
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 22-Dec-2020
    Ramon Santigo
  • reviewer-img
    Wed, 23-Dec-2020
    Treneese Walker
    The course could have provided pdf handouts for many of the lessons. It is very inefficient to go through each video to remember what the exercises were.
  • reviewer-img
    Sun, 27-Dec-2020
    Mounika B
    I have needed to hear these words. I hope this time, I can give myself permission to explore things that bring me joy.
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 28-Dec-2020
    Trevicia Williams
    Your course, ''Successful Negotiations: Master Your Negotiating Skills,, excellent presentation.! The course was educational, ,informative, and extremely helpful. Thank you for your time and the thorough research,. Its' appreciated. Great Job ! --LL
  • reviewer-img
    Wed, 30-Dec-2020
    Andreea Vladoiu
    Definitely a great course to take to learn reflexology. Resources provide a wealth of information. Lectures were short and to the point. Easy to follow along with manual.Instructor responded to my questions quickly and I got my certificate within a couple days. Only thing I think could be added is more video of the techniques. Aside from that this is a great course to take!
  • reviewer-img
    Mon, 04-Jan-2021
    Anusch Arezki
    The course is simple, easy to understand. It's a great beginner course for anyone who wants to know about mindmap and its importance.
  • reviewer-img
    Tue, 05-Jan-2021
    James Mettler
    its been very informative, I learnt quite a bit about self-efficacy and self-esteem and that you are the one who can make these changes.
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