“The Guru is the means of realization.
There is no knowledge without a teacher."
- Swami Vivekananda

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Happy students in the classroom learning at Gurukol

“Guru is the enabler of knowledge and empowerment.
Gurukol is their means."
- Andy Desai


The modern Gurukol

Our roots are embedded deep in the Indian traditional Guru-Disciple education system. Gurukul was the home of teacher or ‘Acharya’ and was the center of learning where pupils (shishya’s) resided until their education completed. We have reimagined the same concept in the digital age. Gurukol is where the best global Gurus come and impart knowledge, while our team supports and guides them earnestly.


An international team of Brand Ambassadors

Meet our panel of partners who will invite coaches and trainers through their network and reference. They are renowned coaches, leaders, trainers, professionals, and experts, all on a mission to transform the world with the power of our Online Learning Platform.

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Education By the Best, for the Best


Our student success stories are unmatched. Because,
best students are where the best Gurus are!