Angela Dalton

About Me

Biblical Wellness and Natural Health Life Coach

As a Holistic Minister of Biblical Wellness Ministries and teacher in our Empowerment School, I understand the importance of practicing wellness in our everyday lives. Biblical Wellness Ministries focuses on biblical wellness of the soul, body, and spirit.

"Meditate on the Word of God day and night and He will make you prosperous and successful."

Coaching Model

God’s Character, Walking in Love God’s Character

In the first step, God’s Character, you will grow in a deeper relationship with the Creator of the Universe and learn how He interacts with life on earth.

Your Purpose, 5-week Course Your Purpose, 5-week Course

In step two, Your Purpose, you will be diving into a 5-week course that will help you find your purpose in life. 

 Activating Your Steps to Success, Warrior Recovery Activating Your Steps to Success

In step three, Warrior Recovery, you will be replacing your undesired habits with habits that you desire. 

Business Boosterz Networking, Television/Podcast Interviews, Private Facebook Group Business Boosterz Networking

In step four, Business Boosterz, your business and/or profession will be broadcast globally.

Holistic Education, Empowerment School Courses, Holistic Health Private Facebook Group Holistic Education

In step five, Holistic Education, you will have access to the self-paced, Empowerment School courses for your soul, body, and spirit.

Business Boosterz, Join a loving church community, church, (Live Chat Church, online services) Business Boosterz

In step six, you join a loving online community, chat weekly about interesting topics on health and spirituality. 

1:1 Coaching 1:1 Coaching

In step seven, 1:1 coaching, connect with me and I will help you find a solution to any problem that you would like to overcome.