Empower choices in your life

Empower choices in your life

Become conscious leader

Become conscious leader a

Create unprecedented results

Create unprecedented results

Carol moxam

Hi, I am Carol Moxam.

I am recognized worldwide as an Author, International Speaker, Trainer, Lifestyle and Leadership Coach and an Award-Winning Certified Special Event Professional. I am on a mission to create a new generation of conscious leadership with a goal of achieving peak performance and enjoying a lifestyle of choice.

Life is a special event

Premium Lifestyle and Leadership Coaching

Life is a Special Event Self-Mastery Quest offers an online program that allows you to identify key elements of your life, create a plan and an experience for all your life events and celebrate your accomplishments. The teachings that stem from planning a special event are applied to the most important event - ‘Your LIFE’.

This unique online training program is designed to provide you educational tools, training, teachings, a community tribe, experts, and support with coaching.

Get the right tools and knowledge to unleash your true potential.
Pave the way towards personal and professional leadership success.

12-week Training Session with Master Coach

Here is What You Will Learn in this Self-Mastery Quest:

  • How to create your life with an eventful theme that inspires and grounds you with actions in alignment with what you want to create and/or accomplish
  • How you experience life with choices, moment by moment, with freedom and ease.
  • How to develop communication and conversation mastery, understanding how your words and thoughts create your reality.
  • How to design life and deliver a new future for yourself and to realize your FULL potential.

Choose your suited enrollment option

12-week Self-Mastery Quest Program

$997.00 CDN

(includes one 1-hour one-on-one coaching session and one 30-minute celebration call)

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12-week Self-Mastery Quest Program II

$1,397.00 CDN

(includes 4, 45 – minute group coaching sessions and one 30-minute celebration call)

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12-week Self-Mastery Quest VIP Program

$7,497.00 CDN

(includes 12, 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions and one 30-minute celebration call)

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Special Student Program - 8 - week Mentoring Program

$197.00 CDN

(student enrollment in a college, university or other accredited educational institution must be certified). (includes 8 1-hour group coaching sessions and one 30 celebration call)

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success life stories

Upon successful completion of our program you can continue to engage in our membership community to discover your best self, exchange success life stories and develop life-long friendships.

Making a difference. Touching Lives. Relentlessly.