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Uncover The Root Cause

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When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

Ayurvedic proverb

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Dawn Bergeron

"Dawn is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Functional Medicine Health Coach who has worked in this field for more than 5 years. She has practiced in both a clinical and virtual setting, gaining a wide perspective on weight, food, mental, and spiritual issues from around the world. Dawn believes everyone can reach their personal health goals. Dawn's goal is to help you do it through Functional Medicine Testing, Customized Wellness plans integrated with Supplement Protocols and numerous tools and resources to help you in your body transformation journey.

Dawn has 3 amazing children that all played soccer. Her twins are now Sophomores in college and her youngest is 16. She has worked with kids of all ages and families. It is her absolute passion to help change the world to live a more natural and healthier life void of pharmaceutical drugs, toxins, and disease.

Dawn wants to help inspire others to be all they can be. To feel good about themselves, to feel vibrant, and to feel alive."

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With the pandemic, I was starting to notice feelings of fatigue and weight creep up again. Learning about the program that Dawn offers, really intrigued me. With the goal of losing weight, I decided to enroll in Dawn’s Intensive Weight Loss Course and I was really surprised at the depth of knowledge she gave me in the program. With all the tip sheets and accountability, I was able to shed 11 lbs. And I am not craving some of the food I was before. I am really intrigued to do some in depth Functional Medicine Testing now. This is not your typical weight loss gimmick program. Dawn gives you actual tools and resources to understand better what you are doing and why.

Kelly S., Nashville

After working with Dawn through her 90 Day Intensive Course for Weight Loss, I can honestly say that the knowledge I have now, has helped me to understand weight loss at a deeper level. She provided me with the necessary tools to actually implement. I lost 9 lbs and have been sleeping so much better. I highly recommend this program!

Lindsey T., San Diego

I had been dealing with bloating and not feeling like I could lose the weight at all. I lacked discipline and following through. When I was referred to Dawn, I was excited to have a coach work with me along with a detailed program. Dawn’s program is easy to follow while providing you a lot of content with reasons why they would work. I loved the idea of chatting each week and having action steps to follow along with checking in my weight, blood pressure and blood sugar. The whole picture of health helped me to see how it all works together. Gave me a much better understanding of food and how it affects the body.

Amy M., Dallas

I have tried dieting so many times over the years. I know what I need to do, but I lack the motivation and accountability. What I loved about Dawn’s program is that she provides easy to understand knowledge and resources so that I learn to take care of myself and implement changes understanding the long term benefits. Armed with this knowledge, I find it is easier to follow suggestions and make myself accountable. Having a coach to text or chat with when I need to, is life changing. I love knowing I can do that as needed. I am excited to continue my health journey!

Targa S., Houston