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    Hi, I’m Irene G. Ricotta.

    A training to live, feel
    and act through your “Whole Self”.

    You will learn how to reconnect with
    your body, mind, and spirit and
    experience a better quality of life.

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    You will be trained to recognize while
    you are acting through your wholeness and
    how to improve your strengths and talents.
    It would also be an amazing journey into yourself,
    a journey of discovery and
    living through your aspiration and purpose.

You have a few choices, if you take the recorded course you can send an email to your mentor each module and receive some more instructions to get better results and this is all included. You could also have a Zoom or Skype call of 60 minutes or 2 calls of 30 minutes.

If you participate in livestream training you will have 4 individual sessions of 40 minutes or 6 of 30 minutes. Emails are always included for each module.

Any extra-need out of what is included could be negotiated with your mentor.

Our deepest fear is not to be inadequate, our deepest feat to be POWERFUL beyond measure

Marianne Williamson

About Me

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Irene G. Ricotta

Since 2003 I have been fully engaged in facilitating dialogue on diversity, in cultural, religious, and gender areas.

I was also involved through Glossemathic Circle to develop a glossemathic perspective in anthropology, sociology, linguistic, epistemology, and a new way to describe and interpret texts and contents related to specific contests. I have written an essay "Culture and Imperialism, a glossemathic vision on Edward Said thinking" "Cultura e Imperialismo nel Pensiero di Edward Said". "Culture and Imperialism in Edward Said' perspective" I was interested in the practical application of Kalepkij "Logic of inclusive oppositions" is a new approach that overcomes Aristotle's syllogism and the logic grounded on limited cause/effects logic, which has evolved towards a new way to observe connections by creating new criteria to describe reality and scientific phenomena.

I also created a radio-format called SEMIOPOP to simplify semiotics and talk about the media language, NLP, language in literature, and multiple ways to read reality. I worked as a radio-speaker with Simone Francesco Berardis. I passionately love my new profession as a coach, mentor, counselor, and diversity consultant; I also found myself being able to create sincere and deep relationships based on mutual understanding, respect, unconditional love, authenticity, freedom, integrity, and last but not least accountability. In my coaching practice, I have been recognized as a kind of coach that is able to go straight forward to the core of the issues and help my clients to easily overcome their challenges and move toward their goal and aspirations with results beyond their expectations.

My specialties are group coaching in the field of life coaching and executive, and I am fond of team coaching too.

I believe that transformation occurs when my clients realize their wholeness and their capacity to design their lives on their own terms. This happened with all type of coaching whether is an individual, group, or team coaching.

I love practicing Qigong every day, meditation, circle breathing, Heartmath tools, cooking. I love music, books, writing poems and I adore cinema! I am also engaged in writing novels and stories; I would like to create a powerful connection with extraordinary people fully committed to making difference and let this a world better place!

If you want to know me let to be involved in powerful conversation with you. I want to work with everyone who is fully engaged with the process of evolution.

Steps to Your Success

Contact me

Schedule the first exploratory call.

Take the course.

Exercise to embody your wholeness.

Choose one next action
step and test it

Mastery of Emotions.

Whole Empowerment.

Follow Up. Stay connected with me to anchor your achievements.

Successful Stories

I have worked with Irene as a client and a coach in the Headway Coaching Group for over one year. Her style of coaching has moved me forward both personally and professionally. She has a unique and intuitive spirit that connects with clients and allows them to create a safe place to explore possibilities. During the last year, I have been honored to not only get to know her as an excellent coach and co-worker but also as a dear friend.

Alice Walker Beauchamp
Certified Life Coach, USA

Msr. Irene G. Ricotta has been coaching me since July 2020. I contacted her because of quite a few challenges I was facing in many areas of my life. Our focus was and still is to concentrate on my talents and skill, as well as, my inner transformation, instead of outside triggers. The coaching has brought me some new insights about the Power of the Mind and new possibilities which come from changing my perception and acquired beliefs, instead of trying to change other people or situations. Our journey together is not yet completed. Rather I am becoming more excited to discover even more of my inner innate Power, I have to acknowledge that my capacity to respond with more calmness and composure while facing stressful situations has been remarkably increased. And because of this new way of experiencing " resilience", I am willing to even further develop my mind and soul, in new creative ways.

Silvia M.
Phd. Philosophy of Science, Tutor, and Researcher.

I have been working with Irene G. Ricotta for a while. She did group and team coaching since the beginning of my Startup, her energy and commitment, not to mention her expertise in the field of Resilience, is outstanding. We were able not only to create psychological safety and a high level of trust but also we increasingly improve our performance by using the various techniques through which she trained us. I highly recommend Irene as a coach, for the simple reason of her commitment and care toward her clients. She is going to lead the coaches team and trainers in my new project for a new revolutionary education program.

Luca. B.
CEO & FOUNDER and The New School Project, Consultant for various Companies in Italy.

Irene is an unconventional coach. Sometimes she will let you speak for some time without saying anything, just feeling you and where you are at the moment. And even if she is silent, just listening, on the other side of the line, you feel that she is there for you with all her being. Then she will ask you some questions or make a short observation that will go straight to the core. After the session, you will be more centered, more connected and you will get the feeling of having more peace and order in your inner world. On busy days like ours, having time to rethink, reconnect and clean your mind and soul is essential for a healthy and balanced life. I sincerely recommend her as a coach with deep presence and wisdom, who can help you understand why you do what you do, gain a new perspective on it through creating space for observing, imagining, and acting.

Simeonka. M
PhD. PCC-ICF- Senior Manager & Consultant.

I had 2 different experiences with Irene as coach and as counselor. She masters both professions in a very wonderful way. I started with counseling and then coaching and after a very deep work she was able to partner with me in order to improve my capacities to respond after a very complex moment in my life. I develop more self-confidence and a calmer way to face challenges and issues. She inspired me in changin my therapeutic style and being more flexible.

Cecilia B.
Psychotherapist and Meditation Trainer.

I had the honor and privilege to work with Irene G. Ricotta for a while, she is extraordinarily empathetic and committed to her coaching practice. We worked together in a way that allows me to dive

deeper into my inner silence, which she is incredibly capable of creating around the profound sessions we had. I felt not only seen but moreover empowered in all my skills and talents so during our coaching relationship I was capable of entirely transforming my life, from my job to relationships with relatives and friends. I found my purpose in life and I developed a robust resilience thanks to all the techniques that she used, from NLP to Somatics or Constellation, from Neuroscience to HeartMath techniques she was adapting all to my needs so I became highly aware of who I am, how to stand for what I care about, how to be kind and decisive or assertive at the same time. I had a whole transformation and I highly recommend her as a coach or counselor for her profound care and empathy for her clients.

Sakinah A.
Manager, Copywriter, Freelance Consultant.

Irene is a very empathetic coach who will not only understand the challenge her clients are going through but also she will be able to put herself in their shoes to feel precisely their feelings. It’s a rare quality that differentiates Irene from other coaches and helped me as a client during the time we were working together.

She brought to the table an extraordinary mix of professionalism, experience in coaching standards as well as the passion for this profession.On a personal note, I have been inspired through our work by the tremendous empathy that Irene showed to my situation as well as by an appropriate emotional response to it. I sincerely thank Irene for her empathy, her support, and her assistance and highly recommend her service to any individuals and organizations who consider working with a professional coach.

Olga B.
HR Manager- PCC-ICF Coach

I have been coached by Irene quite a few times, I was really stuck when I met her because of the high level of conflict in our team in an important transition moment for a Startup. I was a co-founder and the Communication Manager. I lacked self-confidence and I was really scared of Public Speaking. She not only coached me in a very original way, I found really caring, and very professional. I was astonished by the various techniques she possessed as well as by the way she masters them. What impressed me more was the way she empowered me and encouraged me so I was capable of being really successful and really going through the conflict without being stressed and by responding in a very resilient way. After I quit my job and I undertook a freelance career more fulfilling, thanks to Irene I was able to experience a very profound sense of freedom and satisfaction.

I can really recommend her to any Leader, Managers or organization for her outstanding experience and professionalism.

Mouna E.
Communication Manager and Freelance Photographer and Artist.

This dear lady is one of my favourite wise, tender-hearted and savvy connections. Anyone would be privileged to work with her. She is kindness itself and I treasure my relationship with her. She has such sincerity and generosity of spirit and I feel an affinity with her spiritually. She combines this with emotional intelligence and a fine understanding of leadership. I think she makes a terrific coach and mentor as her level of acceptance and empathy is extraordinarily high. I recommend her very very highly.

Pamela W.
Visionary Leader- Writer-Speaker.

Irene is a very generous coach who walks beside the journey of her clients. She has a whole listening style that enables clients to reflect and take time to process the insights and realize their achievements. She also empowers all the shifting and changes so the client can realize his/her own aspirations. By working with Irene I am flourishing so I think that anything is possible for me.

Jan M.
HR Consulting-Senior Manager- Executive Coach.