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Hi...I’m Keith Senzer!

My name is Keith Senzer and I am a Youth Empowerment and Leadership Coach.

I truly believe my purpose and calling is effecting change in our teens so that they may grow up to be powerful, responsible and influential adults who want to make the world a better place.

I wish that Life Coaching was something that was accessible when I was growing up. I was bullied as a teen and to this day I believe that I had ADHD which went undiagnossed. This had a tremendous impact on my academic succes and in turn my self-confidence.

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What people say


"One concept that has really stuck with me is being more open to change. I want to say yes as much as I can and not pretend to be more open-minded, but to actually embrace change."

"The Oh, Shift! workshops are great for anybody who is interested in improving their life through the power of self-awareness. No matter if you are new to real introspection or pretty comfortable with it – these workshops will give you important things to look at, think about, and reflect upon, along with great tools and support to truly make a shift that will change your life for the better!"

"I’ve been wanting to make some changes in myself to become happier and kinder, but have felt super-busy and unsure about the how to. This curriculum has given me the opportunity I was searching for. I especially like thinking about changing my reactions to the simple, everyday things. Just changing your reactions leads to all the other changes, it doesn’t have to be an overhaul but something workable, something approachable."

"Oh, shift! for Teens has taught me to pay attention to my actions and thoughts more. It was really helpful when I was asked to turn bad situations that are bringing me down into positive situations. I’m trying to create a more positive outlook on life."