Pricing Your Course

Your Gurukol course are only paid, there will be NO free courses offered by you or any instructor on Gurukol.

The instructor/You will control the price of your course, we recommend Instructors to best price their courses as per their own market understanding. We reserve the right to monitor the pricing and recommend changes, or at our discretion, take down the course some, malicious, fraudulent, or some market malpractice is discovered. We will need our instructors to be cognizant about price standards in order to ensure a consistent and intuitive pricing experience for students. We also offer guidance based on marketplace data, in order to help you find the best price for your course.

While you can change the price of your course at any time, you can switch only once in a calendar Quarter.

Courses that you charge for on Gurukol cannot be offered for free off of Gurukol (e.g. YouTube, your own site, other sites).

The Global Price Matrix

The global price tier matrix includes the minimum and maximum prices you can select for your courses and also outlines the price points in each currency Gurukol supports.

When you set your course list price in a given currency, you’re setting your list price at a particular tier. The list price that students will see in other currencies is calculated using the price tier matrix, based on the tier that it corresponds with.

The price points on the tier matrix are not calculated using only strict currency conversions. Since Gurukol is a global marketplace, the prices are also based on market conditions in different countries and will be adjusted regularly.

Charm pricing options, where the price is set and displayed as ending in “.99”, are available in the following currencies: USD, SGD, AUD, TRY, GBP, BR, ILS, EUR, CAD and PLN.